How to Stay Stylish When Temperatures Drop

How to Stay Stylish When Temperatures Drop

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There are probably lots of things on your mind when temperatures drop. How to beat the cold and keep your home warm are top priorities. There’s no doubt that it’s hard to think about much more than just staying warm. But that doesn’t mean that you need to stop looking good. Being fashionable can seem tough when you’re cold. Wrapping up in a blanket may be your preferred option. But don’t let the cold weather stand between you and your style. Staying fashionable and warm is an option. So, there’s no need to dread the cold. Instead, it could just become your most stylish season!

Here’s how to stay stylish when temperatures drop:

Get Your Basics Right

Getting the basics right is essential if you want to stay warm and stylish. The best place to start is with your undies. Choosing thermal underwear for the winter months is a real game changer. But you need to choose the best thermals if you want to keep your sense of style. Looking for thermals with a flat seam is a great starting point. This means you won’t need to worry about the seams showing through your outfits. It also means you’ll be a lot more comfortable with no chafing. Selecting the best thermals will mean you keep a smooth silhouette but get to feel really warm and cosy in every outfit.

Choose Your Materials With Care

Cool-weather, wet weather, windy weather - winter can bring all kinds of conditions for you to battle. So, choosing the right materials for your stylish winter look is a must. 

When the freezing temperatures hit, choosing clothing made from wool, cashmere, corduroy, tweed, and flannel are all excellent choices. For extra warmth, don’t forget to wear layers. You can then add or take off each layer to suit your temperature. 

As well as being really cold, winter can bring its fair share of wet weather. So, be sure that you have a stylish waterproof coat to protect your outfit. Don’t forget to pick the right footwear, too. Boots are a must. But beware of suede or other textured materials, as they could be ruined by puddles and snow. Heels may be your go-to, but beware of slipping in cold and wet weather. A pair of cosy, warm winter boots can be just as fashionable when you style them well.

Shop for a Statement Coat

A statement coat for winter is a must-have for your seasonal wardrobe. The right coat can be a big investment. But choose well, and you’ll enjoy years of wear. It’s a good idea to pick a fit that flatters you in a colour that’s really wearable with the rest of your closet. 

Once you’ve got your statement coat, you can be warm and stylish. Then, all you’ll need is some gorgeous accessories to complete your look. This includes a warm and on-trend scarf and a hat in a flattering style. Combine these with a pair of sunglasses to beat the winter glare.