The 5 Most Romantic Ways To Prepare For Valentine's Day

The 5 Most Romantic Ways To Prepare For Valentine's Day 

When it comes to the city of love, meaning our big warm hearts. February 14th means one thing, Happy Saint Valentine’s Day. It is a day that is laid out to tell your significant other how much you adore them and possibly receive a sweet gift in return. It is like your birthday but without all the age guilt. With a special kind of sentiment in the air. It is that same feeling as waking up on Christmas morning but with your special person. 

Valentine's Day is a special occasion that offers an opportunity to express your love and affection towards your significant other. As the city of love, we all have warm hearts that desire to celebrate this day in the most romantic way possible. To help you prepare for this day, I have compiled a list of the five most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. So, make the most of this beautiful day and show your partner how much you adore them. 


A Floral surprise in the morning

A Floral Surprise in the morning
Photo: E!Online 

When it comes to waking up in the morning on Valentine’s Day. The most romantic thing your partner can do is surprise you, with the most incredible flowers you have ever seen. Not only is there sentimental value behind it, but it creates a loving way to start your morning with a sweet message attached. 


Whispering Sweet Nothings 

Godiva V-DAY Chocolate
Photo: Godiva 

Everyone has a sweet tooth and doesn’t deprive themselves of getting a little sugar when needed. And getting a golden box of sweets is a wonderful suggestion. You can even share the candy with your sweetheart and indulge in sweet nothings.


Bag candy! 

Photo: Vintage Handbag 

I tend to be a self-described handbag lover or addict. And I see the beauty in how an amazing accessory can level up any outfit. Whether it’s a casual look or a dressier outfit. A bag can do a lot of talking in its details and silhouette. For Valentine’s Day, getting a bag that is the ultimate bag of candy is probably even more significant than the jewellery angle. You can wear this purchase to a V-Day dinner that is planned or to get a nice glass of wine and toast to your romantic evening. And honestly, who doesn’t love some bag candy? 


The Scent of Romance

The Scent of Romance
Photo: V-Day Scents 

Besides having the ultimate outfit for a romantic night out with your partner. What is even more seductive and invigorating, is that signature scent. When we smell something incredible, the aroma takes us to this memory of our partner. It can be where you first met, or what drove you to fall for them to begin with. Having on a signature perfume or cologne can set the mood for a lovely night. 


A Wedding Proposal 

A Wedding Proposal
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If you are at that point where you wish to make a lifelong commitment to each other. That proposal on Valentine’s Day just seems like the ultimate romantic thing to do. It isn’t cheesy or feels lame as some people might think. It can be tragically romantic at heart and create a fond memory to take with you. Plus, every V-Day will be your anniversary and you can remember it all with that special someone. 

The best thing to do is take your partner to a romantic restaurant. Possibly, where you both first met. And put the ring in the bottom of a champagne glass and tell them how much they mean to you. And just a word of warning, make sure they don’t swallow the ring. You never know where it could turn up. But don’t let this romantic gesture get in the way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in style.