50 Shades of Green in Spring

A woman wearing a green suit set

It’s a green-with-envy kind of feeling when it comes to spring and during this seasonal transitional period, green is becoming a hot colour for the season. From vibrant wool coats over a pair of comfy jeans, to a well-tailored blazer, the colour green is becoming a major showstopper this season. There are multiple shades of green, from very bright to almost neon, and a much deeper olive tone. The colour itself is normally not as popular to be shown on the cover of a magazine because it doesn’t sell. People simply don’t like this colour and find it problematic when it comes to working this hue into their wardrobes.

ready to wear fall -winter 92 -93 in Paris, France in March, 1992 - Enrico Coveri.
Photo: Getty Images 

It isn’t just clothing that can make wearing green difficult, you can opt for an accessory or a pair of shoes to introduce green as an accent colour with your outfit. Nostalgic fashion is here to stay, and the 90s styles are coming on strong where green is featured. If you look at that era it was very bold and had a presence. The colour green was featured very often with different styling techniques. Even brands like Kate Spade have been reviving green through not just her clothing, but with the iconic Sam bag which was reintroduced this year.

Kate Spade Sam bag in Kelly green
Photo: Pinterest Kate Spade Kelly Green bag

If you would like to be the queen of green in various shades here are some examples of how to add this hue to your wardrobe this spring. 

History of the colour Green

Green is the colour of life, reflected in nature as a sign of renewal. As a bright, positive colour, green has many cultural meanings in religion and art. The name "green" is related to the Old English word "grene," the term for the colour of living plants. Since green evokes calmness and serenity, architects and designers often implement the colour in environments like hospitals. In the Elizabethan era, green was a common colour for wedding gowns for brides in the lower and middle classes. As a combination of yellow's optimism and blue's calmness, green is a positive colour. 

         A Wool Green Coat for Spring 

Woman wearing a Wool Green coat
Pair a green coat with ankle boots and a loose dress. 

         Olive monochromatic layering

All Olive Green outfit outside in the streets
 Try layering this shade of green to create a trending monochromatic style.

        Green accessories are easier to wear 

Neon Green heels showcased on the street
A pair of green heels can really make any outfit stand out. 

        A Green suit for work 

Office looks in the colour Green
 Pair a green suit with a classic white blouse and bold accessories.

         A Green Blazer is versatile 

A Kelly Green Blazer with dressy trousers
 Pair this green blazer over trousers and electric green heels for an evening look.

        Mixing colours with Green 

Mixing Green with bold colours
Mixing a bold colour of green with royal blue can really make an outfit stand out. 

        Emerald button-down blouse 

Shein Emerald Green button down blouse
 A green button-down blouse paired with some white pants looks simply fresh.

         Green handbags you need 

The Zoe Report street style in Green handbags
Wear an all-black outfit and a green handbag, which can be a pop of colour.

Prada Green tote handbag trending styles
Photo: Getty Images Prada Green tote 

Let's be honest, not everyone can pull off these multiple shades of green. And since springtime has us green with envy, it makes trying out these multiple shades more tempting. You can shop some examples of green pieces below.