6 Reason's Why Cheese Soufflés are Perfect for Breakfast & Brunch

Cheese Soufflés and why they are perfect Breakfast & Brunch

The mere mention of the word souffle can make your mouth water and send a ripple of excitement up your taste buds. It is a delicious sight, and all your senses can be working overtime. This article is in no way determined to make you hungry, but if you do happen to hear your stomach growling then make sure not to ignore that sensation. A souffle is a baked egg dish originating in France in the early 18th century. Combined with various other ingredients, it can be served as a savoury main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word souffle is the past participle of the French verb souffler, which means to blow, breathe, inflate, or puff. 

Cheese Souffle Specifically 

Cheese Soufflé French Breakfast Dish 
In this case, I am going to be discussing the Cheese souffle which happens to be served as a breakfast & brunch option to have during the week, or as a special decadent treat on the weekend. You must be a major fan of cheese, eggs, and of course pastry or bread. Mix those ingredients and you have a delicious cheese souffle. Food aside, the earliest mention of a souffle is attributed to the French master cook Vincent La Chapelle in the early eighteenth century. The development and popularisation of the souffle are usually traced to the French chef Marie-Antoine Careme in the early nineteenth century. 

Ingredients and Preparation 

Cheese Souffle Breakfast & Brunch Favourites

Souffles are typically prepared from two basic components:


1.  A flavoured crème patissiere, cream sauce or bechamel, or a puree as the base. 

2.  Egg whites are beaten to a soft peak.  


The base provides the flavour, and the egg whites provide the “lift” or puffiness to the dish. Foods commonly used to flavour the base include herbs, cheese, and vegetables. They are generally baked in ramekins or souffle dishes: these are typically glazed, flat-bottomed, round porcelain containers with unglazed bottoms, vertical or nearly vertical sides and fluted exterior borders. 

After being cooked, a souffle is puffed up and fluffy, and it will generally fall after 5 or 10 minutes (as risen dough does). It may be served with a sauce. 

In this case, when it comes to having a savoury treat, I have 6 compelling reasons why a cheese souffle is perfect for breakfast & brunch. 

Cheese Souffles Have Class

When it comes to picking a classic dish for breakfast & brunch, nothing is classier than a crème patissiere. It has a natural elegance about it, that doesn’t feel the need to compete with any other early breakfast dish. The uniqueness of a cheese souffle is all in the details. Lines, texture, and most of all preparation make for the classiest dishes to ever be created.

Souffles Are Savoury with Herbs 

Savoury souffles often include cheese, and vegetables such as spinach, carrot, and herbs, and many sometimes incorporate poultry, bacon, ham, or seafood for a more substantial dish. They fill you up so even with a savoury dish you don’t feel like eating much else until hours later. 

Cheese Souffle Is Easy to Make  

This cheese souffle is easy to make and practically foolproof when it comes to a breakfast & brunch choice, it will rise to lofty and flavourful heights. A fundamentally simple thing that leverages the power of eggs to achieve impressive results. The base provides richness and structure. The base is thick bechamel sauce, usually calling for about three tablespoons for just slightly thicker and more robust results. 

The Secret to A Cheese Souffle 

The secret truly is in the heat of the oven and the amount of air in the mixture. A properly cooked souffle is a thing of great beauty. A flavour that is so intense you can’t imagine it could emerge from anything that is a whole lot of hot air. 

Know Where to Get a Cheese Souffle 

It is important to know the best places to receive a cheese souffle. This is crucial to your savoury and delicious experience. If you wish for a truly French experience in tasting a cheese souffle, look no further than Le Gavroche this French restaurant in Mayfair London. They have the best cheese souffles that are left on the trolley. In Covent Garden Balthazar is a breakfast and brunch bistro with fresh and phenomenal cheese souffles that make your stomach feel light. Rocco’s Café is located in SoMa and has decedent souffles that use a variety of cheese for any dairy lover. 

Cheese Soufflé Breakfast & Brunch Favourite

A Breakfast & Brunch Addiction 

This is sort of a tongue-in-cheek kind of point to make about breakfast & brunch addiction. The reason I bring this up in one of my points is how delicious they truly are. And a large part of your taste buds will want to indulge any chance you get. There isn’t anything wrong with this since it’s the perfect breakfast & brunch option to enjoy each sensation and have your senses working overtime.

Chesse Souffle Perfect Breakfast & Brunch Dish

The 6 reasons why cheese souffles are perfect for breakfast & brunch is how easy they are to make. The taste is out of this world, yet they are classy with an evergreen dish, to have in the morning compels to become a tasty addiction.