Carven's Fall Collection is a Paris Fashion Week Winner

Carven Fall Ready to Wear Paris Fashion Week 2024

While most people will be flocking on about Victoria Beckham’s AW24 collection at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Not to mention, the PETA Protester parading down the runway to take the spotlight away from the show. I am probably the only fashionista alive who wasn’t impressed with her new collection. Granted she has made a name for herself in the fashion Olympics and has put out impeccable styles previously and throughout her career. But when it comes to the true meaning of style, sophistication, and authentic minimalist aesthetic the clear winner is Carven’s Fall 2024 Collection which stomped its way down the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. 

Carven's Fall Ready to Wear Collection 2024

The styles showcased a mix of futuristic and retro at its finest. Some of the oversized blazers, tailored coats, and distinctive raised shoulders give a nod to 90’s fashion which never gets boring. The colours go from neutral base tones to pops of red and rich smooth caramel which looks like a stunning combination. And this collection alone, makes me want to wear every piece that was displayed on stage. The electric green, and mix of greys, classic black, and of course the distinguished shapes make Carven’s debut a roaring success. 

Carven's Ready to Wear Collection Paris Fashion Week 2024

Carven's Fall 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week 2024

Carven Fall Collection from Paris Fashion Week 2024

Carven's Fall Collection 2024 Paris Fashion Week

Carven Ready to Wear 2024 Collection

I know that there are many different brands highlighted at Paris Fashion Week but, I feel like what makes a collection a success isn’t just the name behind the brand. It must evoke a language. You are speaking to your customers, and the best way to do this is to tell a story in a matter of seconds. You want people to know who you are, what you represent, and what you are about. And even in 2024, designers still must captivate us, otherwise, as consumers, we will move into the next thing and lose interest fast. In Carven’s case, this Ready-to-Wear Collection is just spectacular. It has pieces you can mix and match to fit your style. Whether you are looking for a great stylish look for work, great winter wear, or just a dressy look for a night-time out this collection has just about anything to fit your needs. 


The brown blazer over the feminine-coloured dress and white shoes has a very relaxed feel with some structured elements. 


Carven Paris Fashion Week 2024 Fall Collection

Comparing styles aside, I know as well as anyone that not everyone can afford these beautiful designer styles. So why not have a sharp eye? What I mean by this is to find pieces that have a similar style and pair them with the wardrobe you already own. 


My best advice is to go for the sophistication and add the red and caramel to spark a similar look


I have compiled a few styles that you can shop that are perfect to get these styles for less.