What is "Blind Hiring" and are Companies Following this Practice

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Blind hiring is a process used to block out a potential job candidate’s personal information that could influence or “bias” a hiring decision. Kind of like the instance of someone basing off if they happen to like your face. Over your actual skill set and experience on your resume.

 Bias can present itself in many ways, both conscious and unconscious. And research says that bias can occur as early as the initial resume-screening phase. 

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Bias tends to interfere with fair decision-making when it comes to talent acquisition. By concealing information that could trigger prejudiced reactions from your human resource team, blinding sources can reduce cognitive biases. 

The best way to combat bias behaviour is through blind hiring. It can help businesses look at the general “bigger picture” when it comes to hiring their future candidates and secure any preconceived notions. 

The practice can also be referred to as, “blind recruitment.” It is one step forward in onboarding more diverse candidates and meeting your workforce diversity goals. 

The only downside to this practice is not all employers follow this philosophy. They tend to judge more based on if they like the look of you. And the only way you feel you are getting your nose into the door is if you know someone. In other words, it isn’t always what you know it is who you know. Silly, isn’t it? but that is the reality of a lot of the situation. It isn’t fair but nothing is no matter your current situation. Here is the perfect example below to kind of get a better understanding of what I am referring to. 


Take the music industry for example, some songs we can’t get out of our heads. Or we happen to catch ourselves carefully humming to that car ad you can’t get out of your head. But when it comes to the music industry as a whole, let’s face it, a lot of them lack talent like your uncle Eddy who gets dressed in the dark every day. They can’t sing to save their lives and what helps them is machines they use to sound better. Which makes you wonder if they are awful with the help, then what exactly do they sound like without the help? 


I could sit here and write a lengthy post on the music industry, but I will leave it for another post. In the meantime, the point I am making is if you notice that pattern, people in the music business are just awful. And if you go to some vintage artists from the 80’s or even Motown well, that is just obviously different in talent and taste. No one can bring their talent to the forefront. I don’t remember the last time a song came on that I liked. Course my taste refers to good music, you know the kind that doesn’t use machines to sound better. 

Anyway, the point of this article must boil down to the process of blind hiring and how companies are supposed to be using the wide practice continually. If only this were a fact for everyone. It seems like they judge you based on the gender, race, disability, and age questions they ask in every application process. It is funny because even when they give you the option to say you prefer not to answer, they send you an email to take a survey where they want you to answer regardless. 


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It is funny to me how they are but what I have noticed throughout the process of answering questions for others who have personally in-boxed me on the topic, there is hope. I will give some business advice in another post, but I will leave you with my advice, just to answer honestly at least if you do, they can’t come back and catch you in a lie. And even during an interview process, they can’t find anything to dig a hole for you. 

In conclusion, blind hiring is a process where companies don’t judge you based on whether they like your face. They go by a process of hiring you with no prejudices and a fair course in hiring a potential candidate. From my own experiences, I can tell you I have been hired for projects and jobs through this practice and I find it to be the most honest way to do business. And when it comes right down to it, your work and experience should speak for themselves. 


What do you think about the process of blind hiring? 

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