How To Pack Clothes For Crazy Vacation Weather Predictions

How To Pack Clothes For Crazy Vacation Weather Predictions

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Have you ever booked a trip abroad, and waited for months to enjoy it, only to see that the weather predictions seem to oscillate from wonderful to terrible in a matter of hours? Of course, while weather forecasting has become more sophisticated over the last few decades, no meteorologist would fail to admit they cannot read the future.

That being said, most of us only have limited suitcase space for our trip, and not everyone wants to pay more for added luggage or larger carry-ons. For this reason, packing in advance could feel somewhat impossible. Are you going to be suffering record heat or fighting a monsoon tooth and nail? Moreover, it seems that the beginning effects of climate change are causing very many weather expectations to shift.

So, how can you plan for this in advance? We can offer a few helpful tips. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Simple Layering Works

It’s not always easy to know how warm or cool you need to be on a given day, which is why having comfortable layers can work better than lugging around a large coat “just in case” the weather turns. For example, bringing a thermal vest you can fold easily, place in your bag, and wear if it starts raining can be a great first place to start. You might also have thinner hoodies, a small raincoat, or any other comfort you can easily bring with you in a carry bag. That way, you save suitcase space, while also having the warmth or breathability you need at any time.

Practical Shoe Selection

Sure, we don’t usually bring along our entire collection of shoes on vacation, but choosing between two to three pairs you bring for a range of situations is key. You might bring sandals or flip-flops for the comfortable beach environment, a pair of hiking boots if it rains, and maybe some simple slip-on sneakers that can contend with most urban environments well. This way you’ll be covered for most days out, and you can always slip in your sandals thanks to how small they are, should the sun come out.

Bring The Staples

If you’re heading to a beach but you’re not sure if it will be warm throughout your two-week stay, you can still pack your bikinis in case a beautiful day shines and you have time to lounge in the gorgeous weather. Having certain staples can help you enjoy the weather especially if it surprises you. So for example, even having a raincoat handy or a pair of waterproof trousers can help you if it rains, if you want to camp, and perhaps build a small campfire to roast marshmallows in the cold. If you have the basic staples (not to mention many different comforting pairs of underwear and undergarments), you can build whatever outfit of the day you were planning on top of that. After all, you can always buy a missing unique piece while you’re on your travels, and make that a gift to yourself.

With this advice, you’re certain to pack the right clothes for those crazy vacation weather experiences!