Should You Be Looks-Maxxing?

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The looks-maxxing phenomenon is gaining traction and becoming more popular online. Social media influencers share various techniques people can use to enhance their appearance. 

But should you personally be looking-maxxing or is it a bad idea? That’s what we’re about to find out. We look at the trend in more detail and explain why it is becoming such a widespread phenomenon. We review the pros and cons and ask whether it’s worth it. 


First, some of the pros of looks-maxxing. 

Confidence Improvements

One notable benefit of looks-maxxing is the confidence it brings. People can transform their appearance in just a few months with basic techniques. 

Over time, confidence improves. Looks-maxxing can reduce the risk of acne, pale skin, and so on in just a few weeks, enabling individuals to feel transformed. 

These confidence improvements aren’t simply emotional, either. They can leach into other parts of life, including work and social life. Many people find they can get further at work or in romantic relationships by taking better care of their appearance


The looks-maxxing movement is also partly to do with self-improvement. Those on the journey must often change their lives to reflect their new goals and ambitions. 

Many engage, for instance, in good skincare and exercise habits. These help create a healthier, happier body, improving physical and mental health simultaneously. 

The diet also plays a significant role. In their search for looks-maxing, many people inadvertently reduce their risk of chronic disease and create healthy habits that will support them for a lifetime. 

Many people invest in superior bonding for their dentures or organic food for their waistlines. These can improve health long-term and even reduce medical expenses. 


Unsplash - CC0 License

Of course, looks-maxxing also has a dark side. 


One problem is how obsessed some people can get with it. Many individuals search the internet for images of the perfect face and body and compare these to their own (even if they’re heavily edited).

This obsession can get to the point where it becomes unhealthy. The obsessive need to work toward some unattainable beauty standard may lead to feelings of inadequacy, and prevent individuals from living healthy lives. 

Unrealistic Expectations

Another downside is the unrealistic expectations some online influencers generate. Many tout fantastic results when reality sometimes lags far behind what’s possible. 

Chasing these ideals is often frustrating and expensive. People influenced by others can invest considerable sums of money and never quite end up with the results they want. 

Unfortunately, many before and after shots are edited to make the before look worse and the after look better. These can heighten expectations that are eventually dashed when they don’t come true. 

Forgetting Inner Beauty

Finally, looks-maxxing can lead people to forget the value of inner beauty. Often it becomes more about who has the perfect skin or hair, instead of who is doing the right thing in life. 

So, are you considering it?