DKNY Frosted Twill Blazer
Donna Karan began her career as an assistant designer to Anne Klein in the late 1960s, where she was eventually promoted to associate designer in 1971. As Klein's assistant, Karan was a participant in The Battle of Versailles Fashion Show on November 28, 1973. When Klein herself died in 1974, Takihyo Corporation of Japan became the new owner and Karan, together with her former classmate and friend Louis Dell'Olio, became head designer of the house. In 1984, Karan left Anne Klein and, together with her then husband Stephan Weiss and Takihyo Corporation, started her own business "to design modern clothes for modern people". She showed her first women's clothing collection in 1985. 

Donna Karan Milestones The New York Times
Photo: Donna Karan Milestones The New York Times 

Karan became well known for her 'Essentials' line, initially offering seven easy pieces cantered around the bodysuit which could all be mixed and matched and created a fully integrated wardrobe with her First Collection in 1985. Karan always insisted that she would design only clothes like jersey dresses and opaque Lycra tights that she would wear herself. In 1988, Karan, nicknamed The Queen of Seventh Avenue, extended her women's 'Donna Karan New York' line by creating a less expensive clothing line for younger women, called DKNY. 

Donna Karan Collection Vogue Files
Photo: Donna Karan Vogue Patterns Getty Images 

Two years later, she created DKNY Jeans, a denim-inspired collection. DKNY for men was launched in 1992, one year after the 'Signature' line for men had been presented. In 1992, Karan also released her "cold shoulder" dress, a jersey long-sleeved dress which featured deep cut-outs at the shoulders to reveal the skin beneath. And we have been loving her as an epic creative designer ever since.

This spring we have been seeing a lot of bold colours coming into play. Everywhere you turn, it seems like the “pop of colour motif” is what we all need for our fresh new wardrobes. And how is the best way to style our outfits this season? We need to keep our style eye focused on Donna Karan’s spring selections of new styles that are sporting, orange is the new black with fresh takes on comfort with ease, the classic suit silhouette, and an unusual pattern that says I am always a good time.

I have picked a few styles from Karan’s collection that I think we all need to check out. And add these fun looks to your closet.

DKNY Frosted Twill Blazer
Photo: DKNY Frost Twill Blazer SHOP HERE

The DKNY Frosted Twill blazer is a bold hue, mixed on a classic blazer. And goes perfectly together with this monochromatic look. 

DKNY Cargo Trousers
Photo: DKNY Cargo Trouser SHOP HERE 

The cargo trousers are a major right now, and to get in with that the cargo trousers are not only comfy but incredibly stylish. 


DKNY Chiffon Button Down Top
Photo: DKNY Chiffon Button Down Top SHOP HERE 

Everyone needs a classic blouse in their collection and this chiffon button down top hits all the notes. The pop of orange is a theme here and it looks great with a pair of leather trousers. 

DKNY Printed Cropped Blouse
Photo: DKNY Printed Cropped Blouse SHOP HERE 

This printed cropped blouse has a unique pattern that just has a fun and chic look. You can pair it with the cargo orange trousers from her new spring line and look so stylish for a great weekend out. 

DKNY Satin Twist Sleeve Top
Photo: DKNY Satin Twist Sleeve Top SHOP HERE 

A casual top is hard to find that can really make a statement. For spring, I just love the look of this Satin twist sleeve top by DKNY. It goes with just about anything and has a nice colour to really look stylish. 

DKNY Printed Satin Maxi Dress
Photo: DKNY Printed Maxi Dress SHOP HERE 

For a casual look with a twist, or that style you could wear on a holiday getaway, this DKNY printed satin maxi dress is just gorgeous. You can wear it casual and put on a pair of heels to dress it up for a nighttime look. It is so versatile and with the orange and black mixed pattern, it makes for a fun outfit. 

Which style do you prefer from Donna Karan's new Spring Selection? 

Written by Heather Noire 

Donna Karan’s Spring Selection: Orange Is The New Black

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Spring Trends 2023: Fuchsia Pink

Looking for a way to make Spring a more uplifting time of year? Well then, I have the most eye-catching trending colour for you. We’re going all out fuchsia for this post, and I can’t wait to tell you how to make this bold hue work for you and your personal style. When you look at the different colours that come out during the Spring season, you might think of pastel hues that scream Easter is almost here. Or even, those sunshine yellows that creep up in the shop displays around the city. But the colour that is coming up consistently is fuchsia pink with stylish attitude.

You don’t have to be armed with in-depth knowledge on everything fuchsia pink, to know exactly the key-factors in styling, all you must do is find out fun ways to incorporate this trending colour into your wardrobe with ease. Fuchsia is on the purple side of pink and is named for the pink-purple flower of the fuchsia plant. It is sometimes described as hot pink, reddish-purple, vivid pink, and light purple. Antique fuchsia is a lavender-leaning shade of fuchsia.

Fuchsia is a mixed warm/cool colour. Fuchsia, like pink, is a playful colour that can be sophisticated when paired with cool, dark colours. Too much fuchsia can be overwhelming. But in general, the fun colour, is meant to have and be on more of the playful side. You defiantly don’t have to take it so seriously where you lose yourself within the hue. Fuchsia got its name from a flower known as the Fuchsia Plant in the 16th century. It got its real-world application when it was used as a new aniline dye called fuchsine in 1859 France.

The fuchsia colour suggests maturity, assurance, and self-confidence. Its warm red characteristics give it a comforting and nurturing effect, making it quite popular when Valentine’s Day and similarly romantic occasions roll around. Fuchsia can also signal feelings of independence and uniqueness, as it’s loud and stands out no matter what other colours it’s paired with.

When used in branding, fuchsia is often associated with personalities and missions that have a playful, feminine edge to them. It’s a sassy colour, all in all. And this may sound hard to believe, but it is an easy colour to pair with just about any style.

What colours go with fuchsia? And how exactly can you pair it with your outfits, so you don’t look like an eye sore? This is common questions since trending styles, colours specifically are not as easy to adjust to. When it comes to the weather fronts, change in styles, and even the idea that Spring has sprung. I have compiled 6 easy styling techniques to make the fuchsia pink colour work for you and not against you. Check out my style tips as well as shop some fuchsia pieces that I think are just incredibly gorgeous.

Spring Trend: Fuchsia Pink
Photo: Getty Images 

Perfectly Polished 

When it comes to making this colour work. Pairing it with another colour that compliments the other is an excellent choice. Try a polished pair of red trousers to highlight the fuchsia blouse.

Spring Trends 2023 LFW
Photo: LFW Getty Images 

Making A Statement 

The colour itself has a fun and witty personality, so channel this by picking something that has an equal x-factor. A print paired with a fuchsia jacket or coat, makes for a fun business look that can transition, to a night out style that looks oh so dazzling.

Color Block Pantsuit Separates
Photo: Getty Images 

Colour-blocking Means Business 

Daring designs and expressing individuality. This is what you get when it comes to colour-blocking. This is great in the business side of life. Take your cooperate style to a whole other level with mixing two hues that are meant for each other.

Street Style
Photo: Getty Images 

Let Your Jacket Do The Talking 

Mixing hard and soft can be such a great idea when it comes to your style. And for this bold colour, try a fuchsia biker jacket. It can be a great statement piece and it just works well with your favourite pair of jeans.

street style fuchsia shoes
Photo: Getty Images 

Behind Every Great Outfit Is The Right Shoes 

The best most eye catching accessory, is a great pair of shoes. And finding comfort in a pair of retro styled platforms just makes sense. You can also try a great pair of heels or ankle boots.

street style inc
Photo: Getty Images 

A Pop Of Eye-Candy

When it comes to a great accessory, a pop of colour can make an outfit look even more modern and chic. A fuchsia handbag maybe your best accessory weapon for a flawless look.

How do you style the fuchsia pink trend for Spring?

Written by Heather Noire

6 Ways Fuchsia Pink Is Brightening Up Our Spring Wardrobes

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The Gabrielle Chanel Bag Discontinuing 2023

A transitional major bestseller, and now The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel is being completely discontinued. What does this say about the brand going forward? This isn’t the first popular style from the French fashion house to take the road of discontinuing, some other special pieces including The Medallion Tote, Grand Shopper known as the” GST” were also conveniently discontinued. And how does this impact the consignment preowned market? It drives handbag addict mania to the forefront. 

Gabrielle Chanel Bag Discontinuing 2023
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag Street Style Discontinuing 

I have noticed first hand, how some bags on preloved sites have gone up in value even higher than what these bags cost at retail value. With the economy being a tad shaky now, the idea of paying such hefty prices is unrealistic. For others, it is a matter of finding one in the best shape and maybe even a possible discount. 

Gabrielle Chanel Bag 2023
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag 2023 Discontinuing 

The best places to look for The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel, or any of the other well-known discontinued gems by the French brand are places like The Real Real who I highly recommend for a discount since you can get 20% off on your entire purchase, Fashionphile who has a great selection of Gabrielle Bags including different colours and styles. And many other discontinued treasures over the years, including most famously, The Chanel GST, PTT, Chanel Jumbo Single Flap Bag, and Medallion tote. 

Chanel Gabrielle Bag
Photo: Bag 

A woman's purse should be able to hold her whole life—usually some combination of phone, keys, wallet, charger, snacks, more comfortable shoes, receipts, lip balm, a computer, hand lotion, more snacks. Perhaps intuiting this, the Gabrielle is big enough to fit all these things and can adapt to be worn seven different ways, even as a fanny pack.

Gabrielle Chanel Bag
Photo: Gabrielle Chanel Bag Getty Images

Style advice, a pop of colour is always fun but for a really good time go for a more modern and classic piece. It is the best way to go, and you don’t have to worry about the bag working for all seasons. The Gabrielle even discounted has an evergreen and modern feel, while it stays and continues to be chic and effortless.

Here are some links so you can shop this gorgeous bag for yourself and not miss out on these amazing deals.

What do you think about The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel being discontinued?

Written by Heather Noire

Controversy Surrounding The Discontinuing Of The Chanel Gabrielle Bag

A transitional major bestseller, and now The Gabrielle Bag from Chanel is being completely discont…

5 Must-Thrift Fashionphile Finds Crowd Faves

The thrift crowd have literally spoken. When it comes to the must have thrift finds, it seems like these 5 accessories are very popular. And the themes behind these pieces are not only the most shop able, but they are the most searched. 

The one place I enjoy shopping at on occasion, is Fashionphile. They have the best finds, with some incredible deals that you don’t want to miss out on. Ultra-luxury bags, cool watches, jewellery, and more. Find brands like, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Rolex, Omega, and many others. You can find items over 50% off retail price. You can find items under $200, $500, $1000, $2000. I have bought a few unique items over the years. And I really enjoy getting a good deal, plus on occasion there is limited edition pieces that are ready for the picking.


5 Must-Thrift Fashionphile Finds Crowd Faves

Many people are thrifting consignment items because there is something nostalgic about it. Maybe a good memory attached or in my case, that one bag you wanted before but never got a chance to grab it while you could. Call it the accessory that got away. No matter what the case is the quality report is another valid reasoning behind everyone heading to thrifting to score something not only gorgeous, but the quality seems superb comparable with today’s market.

Price is another huge reason why people are deciding to thrift. You can find a bag or watch at a much better price point then buying it brand new. But in most cases, Fashionphile has great deals and items that are brand new with tags and come with all the accessories. And I can personally say, from selling bags to them and purchasing through time. I would highly recommend this site. I really love the layaway program, but now it is called “reserved” it is a great way to keep track of things you might be paying up.

Here I have compiled 5 must Fashionphile finds that are thrift crowd faves.

That 70's Style 

We can all agree that the 70's relaxed style and all you need is love for the summer. The perfect accessory to enhance that 70's vibe is a Chloe bag. 
Chloe Calfskin Small Marcie Satchel Nut
Chloe Calfskin Small Marcie Satchel Nut SHOP NOW 

Comfy & At Ease

The votes are in and comfort and ease is the way to be this season. And to make life even easier a chic Chanel pillow. To relax, and take it even easier. 
Chanel Merino Wool Cashmere CC Pillow Beige Black

Chanel Merino Wool Cashmere CC Pillow Beige Black SHOP NOW 

Arm Candy Accessory 

Our fave arm candy accessory seems to still be topping the search engine. And thanks to many posts online this style is here to stay. 

LV Lacquer Wood Leomonogram Wide Bangle Bracelet Gold
LV Bracelet SHOP NOW 

Party People 

Let's get this party started with metallic pieces that will make you be the life of the party. 
Gucci Soho Disco Bag Beige
Gucci Soho Disco Bag SHOW NOW 

Bound To Sell Out 

These pieces are so hot on the market, they are bound to sell out. Plus they go with practically any outfit and look so clean and stylish. 
Hermes Knit Bi-Colour Sneakers
Hermes Knit Women's addict B&W sneakers SHOP NOW 

Written By Heather Noire

5 Must-Thrift Fashionphile Finds Crowd Faves

The thrift crowd have literally spoken. When it comes to the must have thrift finds, it seems like …

Heart Shaped Handbag Trend 2023
Trends tend to pop up in the strangest way on occasion. But for some reason this time around it seems, heart-shaped accessories are suddenly popping up everywhere you turn. Brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and most notably, Chanel is taking this accessory trend by storm. The French fashion house even debuted pastel quilted flap bags in the shape of chunky hearts on the spring runway to equal fanfare. Elsewhere, Ashley Williams, Vivienne Westwood, and Saint Laurent, recently sent out love letters in the forms of heart-shaped bags.

The heart shape itself as a motif is impossible to ignore in fashion right now. Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Acne Studios, have all out a focus on heart earrings, and crystal shaped babbles. On glossy stunning features are also some heart-shaped pearls in the form of a pendant. But out of all the accessories featured, what makes the heart-shaped bag so interesting is its unique history. 

Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag 

The heart shape as we know it is thought to have come to fruition through the work of artists and scientists of the Middle Ages, as they reinterpreted ancient medical texts. “​​The heart as a symbol of love has very deep roots, dating back to 14th-century courtly love traditions through Shakespearean times,” says fashion historian Michelle Finamore.

Jewellery has long embraced the heart. “Brooches signifying fidelity and love date to C. 1400,” adds Finamore. That includes “heart-shaped amulets and talismans that were thought to be imbued with protective qualities, and 17th-century rings with hearts that were given as tokens of affection.”

Yet the stylized heart we know and love today is closest to its 18th- and 19th-century representations. In fact, chocolate businessman John Cadbury’s son, Richard, was the first to sell chocolates in a heart-shaped box, which would kick off the future of the heart standing as a symbol for love and romance. And along with that came a cadre of people who donned the heart in a whole host of ways. The Victorian era marked a period when the heart-shaped locket became incredibly popular; people stored locks of hair from loved ones inside the jewellery. Although not explicitly a purse, this may have been the very first attempt at a heart-shaped bag.

Chanel Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag 

Hearts throughout fashion can be seen everywhere from the early Surrealists of the 1920s (including Elsa Schiaparelli), to the 1940s—Finamore notes that a sweater worn by Ginger Rogers in the 1938 film Carefree designed by Howard Greer is one of the most famous examples. In the 1960s, the bejewelled heart became a personal talisman to the designer Yves Saint Laurent, who later reinterpreted the shape repeatedly. The 1980s showed the heart en masse on novelty t-shirts alongside high-end wears—epically embellished dresses by Christian Lacroix. And who could forget the famous red heart bag by Moschino, worn by Fran Drescher in The Nanny in the 1990s?

But what’s the reason behind the sudden heart bag obsession? The explanation could have to do with fashion subcultures. Styles dubbed Cottagecore and Dark Academic marked 2020 as a year of alternative expression. Now, we’re seeing the next evolution of those subcultures in the form of categories like Lovecore, or Regencycore, which fans of Bridgerton embraced in early 2021, and continues, as communities of Nap Dress lovers rise up. And even in 2023, it seems this heart-shaped trend in accessories is taking over even more lately.

We are seeing all styles of this trend. And it seems the handbags are on every stylish influencers arm. Or someone who just happens to love the sweeter things in life, and I am not talking about candy or cup-cakes. Fans of the heart bag may not intrinsically realize it, but the motif speaks to something much deeper than subcultures. It has everything to do with dressing for psychological comfort during a time when things are still incredibly uncertain. A stiff leather tote doesn’t quite have the same vibe as a baby pink heart bag with a pearl chain, after all. “Generally speaking, the heart motif evokes feelings of kitsch, comfort, fun, playfulness; overall happy associations,” says Mandy Lee, trend cycle analyst. “Coming out of the pandemic, it’s no surprise to see a warm, comforting motif start to make a comeback.” “History does often repeat itself, particularly in times of crisis, and particularly in fashion,” Finamore adds. “I think that with the real-life fears related to the Covid-19 pandemic and environmental concerns, embracing symbols of love feels comforting.” *SHOP NOW*

The heart-shape is highly nostalgic, it makes you reminisce about your mother wearing a heart diamond necklace, pin, or a classic heart-shaped handbag to dress up a great night-time outing. And it can instantly bring you floating back to your childhood. I love that this is a trend. The heart shape is so beautiful, but it can also give off great energy and in some ways, hopefully spreads love across the globe. And with it being so close to Valentine’s Day it is the perfect opportunity to shop for some heart-shaped chic accessories. I have put together a few styles that I think can be you most sweetest and loving accessory ever purchased. 

What do you think about the heart-shaped accessory trend?

Written by Heather Noire

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fall In Love Sac Coeur  

LV Monogram Fall In Love Sac Coeur
Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag BUY HERE 



 Chanel Metallic Lambskin Love Heart Bag 

Chanel Metallic Lambskin Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Metallic Heart Love Heart Bag BUY HERE 

Stella McCartney Vegetarian Suede Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag 

Stella McCartney Vegeterian Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag
Stella McCartney Vegetarian Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag BUY HERE 

Kate Spade Heart Shaped Quilted Bag 

Kate Spade Quilted Heart Shaped Bag
Kate Spade Quilted Heart Shaped Bag BUY HERE 

Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag 

Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag
Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag BUY HERE 

Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch 

Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch Bag
Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch Bag BUY HERE 

 Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag 

Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag
Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag BUY HERE 

Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag 

Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag
Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag BUY HERE 

Inside The Latest Heart-Shaped Handbag Trend

Trends tend to pop up in the strangest way on occasion. But for some reason this time around it s…

The 5 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s be honest, a great dog is worth its weight in gold. Just look at those big wide eyes that light up with excitement every time their owner comes home. This is just priceless. Some scientists say that owning a dog improves your emotional well-being and can boost both physical and mental health. Just ask your favourite dog owner and they will likely confirm all the above. That’s why the best gifts for dog lovers put their prized pup in the spotlight and strengthen that unbreakable bond between a hound and its human.

When it comes to choosing special gifts for dog lovers and for pups themselves-there’s a confusing deluge of low-quality and simply not so impressive options. But just like people in your life, the special pets on your list also deserve the star-studded treatment. Whether they love being perfectly groomed, playtime at the park for their physical health, snoozing on a plush dog bed, here are the 5 best gifts for dog lovers that both dogs and their owners will equally adore.

A Custom Throw Pillow

A Custom Pet Throw Pillow

This is not only great for your pet, but a product that an owner can use as well. If it is a holiday or you happen to just want something creative a custom throw pillow is just the way to go, and the different themes is what makes it so playful.

A Custom Pet Portrait Mug

A Custom Pet Portriat Mug

Create a custom pet photo with MrMrsPaw and create a masterpiece based on your pet's photos. Each pet portrait is hand-crafted by real artists. The quality of our pet portraits is of utmost importance to us, so you can be sure to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Whether you're at your office or college desk, these 11oz mugs are perfect for sipping your morning coffee, or any other drink. If you're working through a stressful day at work, seeing your pet's cute face will certainly brighten your day.

The Custom Pet Phone Case

Custom Pet Phone Cases

Everyone loves expressing themselves with a custom phone case. And now you can do that with including a pet theme photo case. What is so fun about this is the variety you can create to fit your style and your pet’s attitude.

A Canvas Custom Portrait Of Your Pet

A Canvas Portrait

You can record your beautiful moments of your pet. It may seem comical or going a bit far with your love of your pet, but it makes for the perfect gift. And the quality the company stands by will make your experience lifetime worthy.

A Standing Canvas Of Your Pet

A Standing Canvas

You can have a standing canvas masterpiece of your pet, so you can admire it wherever you have photos. It can be like a work of art and maybe even a hilarious and joyful conversation starter.

What gift would you buy your pet?

*Disclaimer -This is a creative collaboration with agency Responsival.

For more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts, check out my recent posts, and follow me for more on Instagram.

Written by Heather Noire



The 5 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s be honest, a great dog is worth its weight in gold. Just look at those big wide eyes that li…