25 June 2015

Ladies And Gents John Halls

John Halls is a former English footballer born in Islington, London, England. Halls began his fast paced career on the field with Arsenal, making three appearances in the League Cup for the “Gunners” before spending time out on Ioan at Colchester United. Halls left Wycombe in May 2012 and decided to retire and set up his own male fashion business. 

Never cracking under pressure and always having a sleek self assured smile. This is John Halls secret weapon when it comes to taking the modeling world by storm. Dashing and daring as can be, Halls shows off his wicked personality throughout his photo shoots.

 Standing 6ft, Halls defiantly looks every inch the model star. With his light brown chestnut coloured hair, and endless supply of a cool impeccable, stylish front man. Halls seems to rock this retro James Dean feel that’s contagious throughout his work. What I found most charming about Halls wasn’t just his good looks but his relaxed attitude towards the fashion industry.

 Halls is signed to 6 agencies from, Quest Model Management in New York City, Marilyn Hommes Paris, Next London, Sight Management Studio in Barcelona, 2pm Model Management in Copenhagen, Next LA in Los Angeles.

 Check out this fun exclusive interview, where I got to know the man behind the covers a little better.

22 June 2015

Très Belle Secrets

From the era of Chanel to now, French women have become famous for having this divine beauty that is both natural and effortless without appearing underdone. The question most people are asking themselves is how do they strike that balance between not trying to hard and looking tres chic? The answer is in these fun beauty routines that anyone can indulge in. While some French women find it boring to disclose beauty regimens in public, a big part of attaining that certain look is found in the way they approach skin and hair care that is accented by their mums beauty legacies. Here are a few rules to live by to get that easy yet chic look.




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