15 September 2015

"The Beauty Lab"

Beauty is perfected with the potent effect, driven by desire to create something truly envious!  There’s a skill that makeup artists like Nicole Thompson have developed in an attempt to underestimate beauty behaviour. One thing you learn through diligent people watching is that most women have a huge issue with perfecting their own makeup skills. Let’s be honest here, we are not all trained makeup artists in Italy and Paris, so chances are your makeup routine will not always be picture perfect. 

Perhaps it’s not surprising, that women on more then one occasion make the mistake of matching the wrong foundation colour to there skin tone. We have all been there and believe me it isn’t the most pleasant experience. So how do we become motivated and take the beauty world by storm? She’s the MAC-made business icon most women thank every time they put on a matte lipstick. What is the secret to beauty perfection? The motivational makeup artist shares exclusively.



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