2 October 2015

"High Voltage"

Since her debut in 2014, it is difficult to classify Marianne Cancrini as simply an Italian designer. Her collection breaks cultural, social, historical, and innovative boundaries. She developed a passion for creativity and design, after spending time in London to learn the English language; Marianne returned to Rome and enrolled at The European Institute Of Design. After working in the design sector, she was inspired to create Phactory Lab; Marianne’s mission with the brand is to offer a city chic collection both in design, wear ability and quality. 

Layer varied textures and a statement cape to form the ultimate urban uniform. The black and white sophistication sometimes can be broken over bright colours. The focus on the collection at hand is on the city woman, who looks seemingly casual, while still showing her inner fashionista. The sharp intertwined leather echoes pure delight of intrigue, while enhancing movements of an avant- garde paradise. 

The high voltage of a futuristic feel is evident through every intellectual. Phactory Lab’s latest campaign is seductive with a black romance and unique undertones. Some looks never go out of style. 

Check out my exclusively trendy interview with Italiano designer Marianne Cancrini. Inspired? 

27 September 2015

"The Unexpected Colour"

When it comes to desire for Le Smoking-hot staple, it’s a slow and steady burn. George Michael said it best, “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.” From the house that introduced the cobalt suit in 1966, such gender bending comes as no surprise to fashion. This sleek masculine attire, became an evening standard thanks in part to men and women on the LCM street style scene, who rocked the styles while attending the catwalk shows. This is a feat rarely seen in fashion. The secret to its success, as made evident by many in the industry: Anything guys can wear, girls can wear better.

 Our clothes give us the opportunity to create an optical illusion. Fitted items will always enhance you. When sporting a fitted suit, make sure it’s memorable. The cobalt suit is versatile, it can be dressed up or down. Ladies and Gents, here are four ways you can create show-stopping looks with the cobalt suit.



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