How to Get a Fashion Editors' Office Style at Home

It is no news that more and more people are switching to remote work due to COVID-19, and the shift is doing a lot of good to both businesses and staff. Still, working from the comfort of individual homes is not always productive and many people are forced to rethink their at-home office design to increase effectiveness and functionality of their space. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to hack peak productivity and enhance home office design in line with the trends set by fashion editors. To help you dial up functionality and aesthetics of your home office, here are the top five tips you can use when shaping up your work area following in the footsteps of fashion editors.

Functionality first and foremost

To hack peak productivity, you need to organize your space in line with your personal style, as well as maximum functionality. To achieve the optimal ambiance, you need to ask yourself a few questions as regards your individual work style, productivity, and distractions that might hinder your work. Based on the answers concerning the ways you prefer to work and the blueprint of the office you find most functional, you will be able to organize your space and ensure it remains conducive to peak productivity.

Play around with color schemes
As a rule, you should avoid excess of color in your office and stick to a two-tone or monochromatic backdrop. By embracing a minimalist home office look, you will make your work area appear tidy and chic, and you will also capitalize on interest sans visual fluff that might distract you during your work hours. Black-and-white color scheme will work well in your private home-based office, and so will elegant combinations of light and solid hues. In case you are a fan of Scandinavian minimalism, you can also go with an all-white office design.

All the storage your office needs

To make sure all your home office essentials are in place and close at hand, you will need proper storage that coordinates well with the overall d├ęcor. A custom-built storage unit such as a cabinet, shelving, or chest of drawers will make sure you have all the office essentials at hand and add interest to your private work area. For best aesthetic effects, you should go with light colors or stack your office with furniture pieces crafted from natural wood as their texture will work well with most color schemes.

Design your office for warmth

If you want to achieve a cozy look in your home office, you can introduce a couple of elegant rugs which will warm up the atmosphere and coordinate well with the rest of the office in terms of design. In addition to improving the visual value of your home office, carefully selected rugs will also make sure your floors withstand heavy foot traffic and can also feature as a stylish office centerpiece. Or, in case you want to max out on functionality, you can use rugs and carpets to visually divide your space into separate sections.

No frills and fluff in sight

As you probably know, there is no room for visual fluff in productive work areas, and your home office is not an exception. If you want to minimize the risk of distractions in your work environment at home, you should do away with anything that you do not need in your space. The barebones look might not be a testament of warmth, but it will help you stay focused during your work hours, and it will make regular home office maintenance easy, allowing you to save time and energy during cleanups.

Decorating your work area in line with hot home office trends is not easy, but it is worth the time and investment. For superior visual effects, you should stick to a minimalist or two-tone design, use solidly built storage units and furniture pieces, minimize distractions, and throw in a couple of stylish rugs for warmth and comfort. After all, you will be spending most of your day in your private work area, so you might as well design it tastefully and in line with peak productivity. Good luck!

Collaboration with Contributor Peter Minkoff

Written by Heather Noire