Integrating Fashion with Good Causes for Support

Integrating Fashion with Good Causes for Support
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Mixing fashion with good causes has an impact on your personal goals regarding sustainability and other charitable acts. It can be used to show support in numerous ways and even raise funds. From hosting fashion shows to using collaborative brands, here are some ideas.

Wear Your Support with Pride

The easiest way of using fashion positively is to use it as an outlet for support. Custom designs are more accessible than ever to create these days, with specialist services such as that can print or embroider personalised designs on hats, t-shirts, and merchandise. Organized events with distributed custom designs are a great way to come together in unison for a cause, yet you can also add to your wardrobe.

Use Fashion to Raise Funds

Fashion can also be used as an excellent fundraising tool. Many fashion enthusiasts will happily gather for a great show, especially when the proceeds go to charitable causes. And this can be easier than you think. A good example is to host a fashion show in your local area. This can also highlight local artists, models, and charities. It may sound far-fetched, but many good causes have been highlighted through custom fashion labels as well.

Fashion with Good Causes for the Environment

There are many charities that fashion supports, including children and animals. But what of the environment? The fashion industry has been notoriously bad for the planet, and some are trying to correct this. Ethical brands like Mejuri are a great example. At least 40% of its jewelry is made from recycled materials, including gold. There are others, such as No Nasties, promoting organic cotton, and MADE Out Of, which uses recycled materials for trending accessories.

Buy Brands that Collaborate

Some prominent brands are making changes, too, in an effort to help support various charities. You can show support for a specific charity by buying from brands you know collaborate with a cause. For example, fashion giant Louis Vuitton has continuously made efforts to raise support for UNICEF. UK retailer Marks and Spencer also has a no landfill policy and actively works with Oxfam. A little research is all it takes to support your favorite charities via fashion labels.

Donate Your Old Clothes to Charities

As a follower of fashion, it's likely you have a lot of unused clothing. It is irresponsible to throw old clothes in the garbage, even if they aren't in good condition. Donating clothing to various charities is a much more responsible way to get rid of them. Charities like Oxfam can send them to people who need them or sell them to raise funds. There are also charities that can take ruined clothes and recycle the materials they are made from for making more clothing.


Wearing your support with custom clothing is an excellent way to combine fashion with good causes. It also helps to buy from contemporary fashion brands that work towards reducing the impact of fashion on the planet. You can also donate old clothing to charities for reuse or sale.

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