Celebrating Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon

Celebrating Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! In honour of the Year of the Dragon -which symbolizes ambition, confidence, charisma, and much more- I’m sharing Lunar New Year collabs and Creator-favourite Asian-owned brands’ (and their most-loved products!) to inspire your festive way to celebrate. But this isn’t just a fun time of year, you can get creative and match red as a primary colour to your already existing wardrobe. 

And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better way than to get endless versatility with the colour red? If you need last-minute ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, check out my article The 5 Most Romantic Ways to Prepare for Valentine’s Day. It will give you a step-by-step base on the easiest way to prepare. 


When it comes to using the colour red, it highlights confidence, feminity, and glamour. And most of all it works well on every complexion. Since there are several shades of red, I would suggest you go with a vibrancy. This way it gives a great pop of colour to your outfit. And this goes the same when it comes to beauty products. A classic red lipstick is essential since it can frame your face well and be the perfect way to celebrate the Lunar New Year


What makes this colour incredibly versatile is you can have it for your homeware products and bring some fire to your kitchen. I love the idea of red cookware, pots, pans, and even mugs.

There is something significant about the colour red, that has many people favouring it. And this tone isn’t just for Christmas or special times of the year. You can wear red all season long and use it casually or on extravagant occasions.


Some people were born in different years, but if you happen to be born in the year of the dragon then you have a very strong sense about yourself. And your confidence as well as the richness of your life shall serve you very well. 

Celebrating Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon
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I have put together some examples of products that have the year of the Dragon’s spirit, as well as incorporating the power colour of red which I absolutely, personally love this colour. 


How are you celebrating Lunar New Year?