Write A Fashion Blog? Money Making Ideas That'll Be Relevant To Your Audience

If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re currently leading the revolution in style circles. Not only do you have a good eye for what makes people look good, but you’re not gatekeeping this knowledge - nor are you judgemental when it comes to everybody’s innate sense of style. 

This attitude works wonders for building an audience, and now it’s time to float some money-making ideas amongst them. As long as what you offer is valuable and truly interesting to the people who keep up with you, people are going to be happy to support you. 

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Reach Out to Fashion Sponsors

There are hundreds of fashion brands out there and a good majority of them will be willing to work with up-and-coming bloggers. You just need to reach out and make it known that you’re happy to be sponsored and that you’ve got an appreciative audience that’ll love the product. 

Of course, you could just be reviewing a new clothing line and be sent a few pieces for free, but you could even be paid tens of thousands to recommend a brand across a few posts. 

For the latter, make sure it’s a fashion house you really believe in; you wouldn’t want to come across as illegitimate to the audience it took you so long to build by schilling something you don’t really want to use yourself. 

Sell Short Runs of Uniquely Designed Pieces

If you want people to buy the clothes you design, it’s best to generate ‘hype’ for them through limited-time drops. If the clothes will only be available for 24 to 48 hours, and when it’s gone it’s gone, your audience is going to be racing to the checkout! 

Plus, it’s easier than ever to get clothes made sustainably. Companies like Trends Jeans will allow you to customize jeans with your own designs, motifs, and wording, and then you can safely store them away until someone snaps them up. 

Make sure you do your research here; the clothes you design and sell need to be well-made and have as low a carbon footprint as possible. Otherwise, they just won’t be worth the cost to either make or buy on either side. 

Offer Style Consultant Sessions

If it gets to the point where people are reaching out daily and asking for free fashion advice, put together a consultancy package for your audience to purchase. 

One-off sessions where you do a video call and go through their wardrobe together, for example, or having them tell you what styles they’re interested in and you put together a mini lookbook that’s personal to their tastes. 

If you’ve got an eye for fashion and people like what you have to say, it won’t harm to charge some money for it on a one-to-one basis. 

If you’re a fashion blogger, start pricing your time more carefully. You could make some good money through ideas like those above!