Why Workout Wear Is Filling Our Wardrobes

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Style can be found in all areas of life. If it’s the middle of winter and the dog needs walking, you can wrap up warm while still being the most stylish person in the dog park! And that’s why workout wear has really come into its own in the past three to four years. 

People like the idea of an active lifestyle; you don’t have to go far on social media to find someone dressed up like the picture below! But why does workout wear fill our wardrobes in 2024? Let’s take a look at the factors behind it. 

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Not All Materials are Suitable for Sweating in!

This is really the long and short of it. You can’t work out in the same thing you’d just wear around the house. You also can’t work out in the suit or formal clothing you bought to wear at work.

Not all materials are suitable for getting all hot and sweaty in! Indeed, some materials will make you sweat more, make your skin feel clammy as you work out, and could even lead to the development of a yeast infection. Thankfully, there’s workout wear to suit everyone. People deserve to wear clothes that they feel good in; you don’t have to put up with plain black or blue lycra anymore! 

If you love to swim, there are all kinds of aerodynamic costumes available. If you’re a rugby fan, use this rugby kit designer to get a custom uniform for you and your team to wear when you’re out on the pitch. If you love to take the bike out for a ride, there are a thousand different kinds of cycle shorts that’ll wick away the sweat as you go. 

Workout Wear is Very Versatile

You see people in tracksuits and co-ord sets all the time these days - why not join them? Modern workout clothing is versatile; it’s the kind of thing you can wear all day long if you’d like. This kind of clothing is a lot more cushioned and supportive, and far less restrictive than it used to be. 

Workout wear can even be considered endlessly customizable. You can slip a t-shirt over the top of a sports bra or cropped top, and then keep your jogging bottoms or three-quarter lengths on below. Indeed, If you have a sporty, trendy style, items like these could be the perfect addition. 

If You Have the Clothes, You’re More Likely to Be Active

If you own clothing you can exercise in, you’re much more likely to stick to the fitness routine you’ve planned out. Having the right clothes to wear (and plenty of them) takes the pressure out of your laundry cycle - no more will you forget your cycle shorts in the hamper overnight! Feel free to buy a few versions of the same piece, in different colours and styles, as a form of encouragement. 

Tell us: how much workout wear is in your wardrobe right now?