Heart Shaped Handbag Trend 2023
Trends tend to pop up in the strangest way on occasion. But for some reason this time around it seems, heart-shaped accessories are suddenly popping up everywhere you turn. Brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, and most notably, Chanel is taking this accessory trend by storm. The French fashion house even debuted pastel quilted flap bags in the shape of chunky hearts on the spring runway to equal fanfare. Elsewhere, Ashley Williams, Vivienne Westwood, and Saint Laurent, recently sent out love letters in the forms of heart-shaped bags.

The heart shape itself as a motif is impossible to ignore in fashion right now. Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Acne Studios, have all out a focus on heart earrings, and crystal shaped babbles. On glossy stunning features are also some heart-shaped pearls in the form of a pendant. But out of all the accessories featured, what makes the heart-shaped bag so interesting is its unique history. 

Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag 

The heart shape as we know it is thought to have come to fruition through the work of artists and scientists of the Middle Ages, as they reinterpreted ancient medical texts. “​​The heart as a symbol of love has very deep roots, dating back to 14th-century courtly love traditions through Shakespearean times,” says fashion historian Michelle Finamore.

Jewellery has long embraced the heart. “Brooches signifying fidelity and love date to C. 1400,” adds Finamore. That includes “heart-shaped amulets and talismans that were thought to be imbued with protective qualities, and 17th-century rings with hearts that were given as tokens of affection.”

Yet the stylized heart we know and love today is closest to its 18th- and 19th-century representations. In fact, chocolate businessman John Cadbury’s son, Richard, was the first to sell chocolates in a heart-shaped box, which would kick off the future of the heart standing as a symbol for love and romance. And along with that came a cadre of people who donned the heart in a whole host of ways. The Victorian era marked a period when the heart-shaped locket became incredibly popular; people stored locks of hair from loved ones inside the jewellery. Although not explicitly a purse, this may have been the very first attempt at a heart-shaped bag.

Chanel Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Quilted Heart Shaped Bag 

Hearts throughout fashion can be seen everywhere from the early Surrealists of the 1920s (including Elsa Schiaparelli), to the 1940s—Finamore notes that a sweater worn by Ginger Rogers in the 1938 film Carefree designed by Howard Greer is one of the most famous examples. In the 1960s, the bejewelled heart became a personal talisman to the designer Yves Saint Laurent, who later reinterpreted the shape repeatedly. The 1980s showed the heart en masse on novelty t-shirts alongside high-end wears—epically embellished dresses by Christian Lacroix. And who could forget the famous red heart bag by Moschino, worn by Fran Drescher in The Nanny in the 1990s?

But what’s the reason behind the sudden heart bag obsession? The explanation could have to do with fashion subcultures. Styles dubbed Cottagecore and Dark Academic marked 2020 as a year of alternative expression. Now, we’re seeing the next evolution of those subcultures in the form of categories like Lovecore, or Regencycore, which fans of Bridgerton embraced in early 2021, and continues, as communities of Nap Dress lovers rise up. And even in 2023, it seems this heart-shaped trend in accessories is taking over even more lately.

We are seeing all styles of this trend. And it seems the handbags are on every stylish influencers arm. Or someone who just happens to love the sweeter things in life, and I am not talking about candy or cup-cakes. Fans of the heart bag may not intrinsically realize it, but the motif speaks to something much deeper than subcultures. It has everything to do with dressing for psychological comfort during a time when things are still incredibly uncertain. A stiff leather tote doesn’t quite have the same vibe as a baby pink heart bag with a pearl chain, after all. “Generally speaking, the heart motif evokes feelings of kitsch, comfort, fun, playfulness; overall happy associations,” says Mandy Lee, trend cycle analyst. “Coming out of the pandemic, it’s no surprise to see a warm, comforting motif start to make a comeback.” “History does often repeat itself, particularly in times of crisis, and particularly in fashion,” Finamore adds. “I think that with the real-life fears related to the Covid-19 pandemic and environmental concerns, embracing symbols of love feels comforting.” *SHOP NOW*

The heart-shape is highly nostalgic, it makes you reminisce about your mother wearing a heart diamond necklace, pin, or a classic heart-shaped handbag to dress up a great night-time outing. And it can instantly bring you floating back to your childhood. I love that this is a trend. The heart shape is so beautiful, but it can also give off great energy and in some ways, hopefully spreads love across the globe. And with it being so close to Valentine’s Day it is the perfect opportunity to shop for some heart-shaped chic accessories. I have put together a few styles that I think can be you most sweetest and loving accessory ever purchased. 

What do you think about the heart-shaped accessory trend?

Written by Heather Noire

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fall In Love Sac Coeur  

LV Monogram Fall In Love Sac Coeur
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 Chanel Metallic Lambskin Love Heart Bag 

Chanel Metallic Lambskin Heart Shaped Bag
Chanel Metallic Heart Love Heart Bag BUY HERE 

Stella McCartney Vegetarian Suede Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag 

Stella McCartney Vegeterian Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag
Stella McCartney Vegetarian Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag BUY HERE 

Kate Spade Heart Shaped Quilted Bag 

Kate Spade Quilted Heart Shaped Bag
Kate Spade Quilted Heart Shaped Bag BUY HERE 

Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag 

Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag
Serpui Precious Heart Wicker Clutch Bag BUY HERE 

Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch 

Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch Bag
Judith Leiber Ruby Heart Shaped Clutch Bag BUY HERE 

 Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag 

Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag
Kurt Geiger London Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag BUY HERE 

Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag 

Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag
Kate Spade Red Heart Shaped Handbag BUY HERE 

Inside The Latest Heart-Shaped Handbag Trend

Trends tend to pop up in the strangest way on occasion. But for some reason this time around it s…

The 5 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s be honest, a great dog is worth its weight in gold. Just look at those big wide eyes that light up with excitement every time their owner comes home. This is just priceless. Some scientists say that owning a dog improves your emotional well-being and can boost both physical and mental health. Just ask your favourite dog owner and they will likely confirm all the above. That’s why the best gifts for dog lovers put their prized pup in the spotlight and strengthen that unbreakable bond between a hound and its human.

When it comes to choosing special gifts for dog lovers and for pups themselves-there’s a confusing deluge of low-quality and simply not so impressive options. But just like people in your life, the special pets on your list also deserve the star-studded treatment. Whether they love being perfectly groomed, playtime at the park for their physical health, snoozing on a plush dog bed, here are the 5 best gifts for dog lovers that both dogs and their owners will equally adore.

A Custom Throw Pillow

A Custom Pet Throw Pillow

This is not only great for your pet, but a product that an owner can use as well. If it is a holiday or you happen to just want something creative a custom throw pillow is just the way to go, and the different themes is what makes it so playful.

A Custom Pet Portrait Mug

A Custom Pet Portriat Mug

Create a custom pet photo with MrMrsPaw and create a masterpiece based on your pet's photos. Each pet portrait is hand-crafted by real artists. The quality of our pet portraits is of utmost importance to us, so you can be sure to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Whether you're at your office or college desk, these 11oz mugs are perfect for sipping your morning coffee, or any other drink. If you're working through a stressful day at work, seeing your pet's cute face will certainly brighten your day.

The Custom Pet Phone Case

Custom Pet Phone Cases

Everyone loves expressing themselves with a custom phone case. And now you can do that with including a pet theme photo case. What is so fun about this is the variety you can create to fit your style and your pet’s attitude.

A Canvas Custom Portrait Of Your Pet

A Canvas Portrait

You can record your beautiful moments of your pet. It may seem comical or going a bit far with your love of your pet, but it makes for the perfect gift. And the quality the company stands by will make your experience lifetime worthy.

A Standing Canvas Of Your Pet

A Standing Canvas

You can have a standing canvas masterpiece of your pet, so you can admire it wherever you have photos. It can be like a work of art and maybe even a hilarious and joyful conversation starter.

What gift would you buy your pet?

*Disclaimer -This is a creative collaboration with agency Responsival.

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Written by Heather Noire



The 5 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s be honest, a great dog is worth its weight in gold. Just look at those big wide eyes that li…

Boucle Fabric Trend 2023
When we look at trends that rapidly take over our senses, we can thank social media for this. Scrolling our feeds is the new way we find out what is considered in style. Traditionally, new trends would start up and end with each passing season. Now, however, with the world at our fingertips, trends can be born quite literally overnight. All it takes is a celebrity, or influencer, to upload a photo of their latest hot new look, or purchase and you have that instant domino effect. Even with this so called, instant fathom, it takes something special that can stand the test of time to be able to withhold such a strong influence on the world. Which makes what I am going to discuss today, that much more meaningful.

The boucle trend has lasted not just a year, not just a decade, but over 60 years of changing fashion. The fabrication, woven from a specific type of looped wool yarn and derived from the French term for, “ringed” or “curled,” has become synonymous with high-end style. And though it has been used for years to create clothes and furniture for centuries, it was arguably Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel who put it on the sartorial map.

Boucle Jacket Trend 2023
Photo: Street Style Boucle Jacket Trend Getty Images

Inspired by menswear tailoring, Chanel created the first iteration of her iconic bouclé jacket-and-skirt set back in the 1950s, and it has been considered one of the chicest things you can wear ever since. There might be this alluring, wealthy air about wearing boucle, but through the years, fashionista’s have found fresh ways of integrating the fabric into their wardrobes, interpreting the trend by wearing it in most notably, a jacket with a pair of jeans and great leather loafers. And rocking it from day to evening with a simple classy aesthetic. Doing so and creating that instant style status look. 

Boucle Jacket Trend 2023
Photo: Boucle Jacket Trend Street Style Getty Images 

Fashion comes back and gets interpreted for the modern stylish woman who adores retro but wants to be in a modern stance. Lately, that is the case with the boucle fabric trend. Most notably, it seems this jacket version of the fabric has been taken over in the past few weeks. And this trend is something I can get on board with. If you want to make this style all your own, start with the iconic jacket. This isn’t just a mature look, but you can add some edge with a pair of jeans, boots, and even a classy dress over it for a night-time affair. The thing that makes this fabric so amazing is the ability to have a classic and versatile factor built right in. Not many people can say this about a trending look.

Boucle Originated

Boucle has its origin in Europe, where it was a popular mid-century style. Boucle fabric was originally made from wool. However, like most fabrics, designers have found other ways of making boucle fabrics, and they incorporate materials like linen, silk, polyester, and cotton.

Who Invented Boucle 

Bouclé however was invented in the late 1940s by Eero Saarinen on the request of American Architect Florence Knoll.

When Did It First Become Popular

The textile first became popular in the late 1940's and early 1950's amongst interior and fashion designers alike.

Why Is It So Popular

Yet it's the rugged-textured fabric's intrinsic properties that designer Tina Ramchandani reasons for the material's recent rise in popularity.

Comfort and Ease - Boucle has the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and look.

What Is Boucle Chanel

Bouclé (and Tweeds) are woven fabrics of many different threads.

… by its curly, knotted appearance that is created by its open, woven weave, with fancy yarn, lurex threads, trims, ribbons, sequins in various colours.

If you are looking for new ways to style Boucle, I have included some examples of styles to get chicly inspired. Shop the post for some gorgeous Boucle jackets for yourself.

What do you think about the boucle trend?

Written by Heather Noire

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When we look at trends that rapidly take over our senses, we can thank social media for this. Scr…

Review The Nespresso Maker

Coffee is a drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Darkly coloured, bitter, and slightly acidic. Coffee has a stimulating effect on humans, primarily due to its caffeine content. It is the most popular drink in the world.

Seeds of the Coffea plant’s fruits are separated to produce unroasted green coffee beans. The beans are roasted and then ground into fine particles that are typically steeped in hot water before being filtered out, producing a cup of coffee. It is usually served hot, although chilled or ice coffee is common. I personally, prefer my beverages hot. And the only cold drink I enjoy is either a cocktail or bottle of water.

Coffee itself can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways. What is most impressive is when artisan comes to mind. And coffee art has become a huge deal. I love the designer themed ones. They just make your cup of coffee that chicer.

Expresso (my personal favourite), French press, caffe latte, or already brewed coffee. Sugar substitutes or none, cream, are all often used to mask the bitter taste or enhance the flavour. Which works out perfectly since a touch of something special can add to your coffee brewing experience. 

Though coffee is now a global commodity, it has a long history tied closely to food traditions around the Red Sea. The earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking in the form of the modern beverage appears in modern-day Yemen from the mid-15th century in Sufi shrines, where coffee seeds were first roasted and brewed in a manner similar to current methods. The Yemenis procured the coffee beans from the Ethiopian Highlands via coastal Somali intermediaries and began cultivation. By the 16th century, the drink had reached the rest of the Middle East and North Africa, later spreading to Europe. In the 20th century, coffee became a global commodity, creating different coffee cultures around the world.

Everyone loves heading over to your best café for a cup of fun in your mouth. But when it comes to being at home, why can’t you have that taste even in your own kitchen? I have searched many products to see what can give you the taste of lattes and expresso at home. And I came up with The Nespresso Maker. Not only is this a genius in one machine. It can curb the coffee gurus in all of us and satisfy even the toughest caffeine critic. You can order the pods of any flavour and be your own barista in a flash without knowing how to make a speciality coffee drink. The machine basically does it for you and the results are worthy of a close-up. 

VertuoPlus Grey & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

I am not easily impressed, so it takes a lot to impress me. This comes from many things. But when it comes to this machine it has its pros and cons which I will list below if you are considering buying this as a gift for someone out there, or maybe pick it up for yourself (no judging here). I think making everyone’s life easier is a must have so keep reading with my pros and cons list on The Nespresso Maker

VertuoPlus Grey & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother


It offers the perfect combination of style and convince for a unique coffee experience at home. It isn’t bulky and looks just so sleek in your kitchen. You will literally be admiring the entire time you stand in your kitchen.


It comes with a milk frother, for easy preparation to make your Cappuccinos and Lattes.


It might be confusing if you are not used to using something like this. But there is an instructional manual for easy step by step instructions and believe me it isn’t as hard as it may appear.


The pods might seem like an inconvenience to order but they offer free samples with purchase to try flavours out and see which ones you want to have on hand for yourself.


Available in a variety of colours and finishes. 13 colours to be exact. So, you will find something that fits your personal style at an ease with a convenient photos online.


This is a general thing, but the price is a big thing. It isn’t exactly cheap but for what you get it is so worth the price. Right now, it is on sale so make sure to take advantage of sales any chance you get.


I defiantly think the pros outweigh the cons from personal experience as I tested this myself and I can tell you it has changed my coffee drinking game. I feel like my own personal coffee barista when I wake up in the morning to early weekend days after brunch. I can make myself and enjoy a lovely cup of caramel expresso since I love my hot coffee strong. Lattes are fabulous but expresso gets the job done.

I highly recommend this product and hope can get a chance to try it out for yourself.

What do you think of The Nespresso Maker?

Written by Heather Noire

VertuoPlus Grey & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

VertuoPlus Grey & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

VertuoPlus Grey & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother


VertuoPlus Deluxe Titan & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother BELOW






Coffee Maker Guru: My Review On The Nespresso Maker

Coffee is a drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Darkly coloured, bitter, and slightly acidic.…

Stylish Anti It Bag Trend

A few weeks ago, I found myself browsing through a very chic antique shop when I saw this elegant older woman walk in-a typical off-duty casual look, she embodied a confident city lady. She dawned a Moncler puffer coat, sensible light-wash jeans, and simple Stan Smith trainers. Her bag was fantastic, though unrecognisable it stole the show. It wasn’t covered in a monogram not a tiny logo (as far as I could see). It was brown, square, and discreet. But this intriguing anonymous medium-size piece was of obvious stellar quality: thick leather, a sturdy shape, and over-the-shoulder practical. Upon a second glance, I realized it was a Tod’s bag with a vintage veneer. It was almost nondescript, yet it was the most impactful purse I’ve seen in quite some time.

A bag as one of the most important accessories, has the power to uplift, elevate, and pull together an outfit. It’s a timeless symbol, whether you are an exec hauling a Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, a stylish fashion girl parading a Celine Satchel Tote, or a vintage lover clutching a classic Prada Tote. The visible everyday use combined with the knowledge of how much that bag must cost speaks volumes about how a minimalist investment conscious person approaches fashion. 

More powerful than the purses I mentioned above are the anonymous and well-made ones. When you look at a casual looking designer bag, some people turn to the Louis Vuitton Neverful which comes in a variety of sizes. The monogram is recognizable and defiantly lacks anonymity. This could be the same for the classic Chanel Flap bag which comes in many leathers, colours, and designs. As classic as this piece is known to the fashion world, it still has a logo. Maybe not as massive, but it is still present.

When it comes to describing the anti-it bags, it goes without saying. A bag that has quality craftsmanship, sustainable hardware, or strap, and well-crafted in beauty is the unexpected. 

One may wish for the perfect shoulder bag, great drop, excellent shape, and the perfect depth so you don’t have to limit what you can fit inside and be able to be dressed up and down for all occasions. This may seem like a tall order, but you can find this exact design by looking on the vintage market. 

I have a few lovely examples of anonymous anti-it bags to wear this season and always look put together. 

*Shop the styles.

The New Luxury Of The Anonymous Anti-It Bag

A few weeks ago, I found myself browsing through a very chic antique shop when I saw this elegant o…

The Dazzling Disco Party Edit

Lights, camera, action, glitter! Everyone wishes to step into the spotlight with a little personality now and then. And why not do the honours this festive season with a dazzling disco party edit. This way, you have your Christmas and New Year’s completely covered. Glitter and sequins don’t just convey an instant happy look, but it creates a feeling when you have it on like you are about to go somewhere fabulous.

I mean when it comes to one of the happiest time of year don’t, we all just want to believe in magic. Well, rocking this shinny fabric in multiple styles will make you feel like you’re in an old-time movie and shinning from every angle, so you are the star on the Christmas tree.

Now Trending: The Dazzling Disco Party Edit

Lights, camera, action, glitter! Everyone wishes to step into the spotlight with a little personali…

The Turtleneck in Black SOLD OUT NYC

This may sound a tad bit poetic, but if you buy a black turtleneck this fall you definitely wont regret it. Just like the little black dress it seems the black turtleneck has become an instant favourite for style lovers alike. And it has gotten to the point where it has reached no other than cult like status. This is huge because it is one of those Essex items that is truly universally flattering. And besides reaching that iconic place in fall and winter history, it happens to also be made in a variety of different fabrics to suit even the most fashion-conscious person’s needs.

Black Turtleneck's Are A Cult Favourite For Fall

This may sound a tad bit poetic, but if you buy a black turtleneck this fall you definitely wont re…

9 Trends That Are Worth The Investment For Fall 2022

The best thing about autumn, is the feel of the crisp air that seems to kiss your face as you seamlessly walk out the door. I live for the roasted creamy warm inviting lattes and soft rich desserts that just make me so excited that fall is here. It may seem like summer came and went, but this year the autumn styles are flooding the store window displays in such an energetic way. I love nothing better than seeing the new styles not just in the stores but overlapped on some chic people. I don’t know about you, but I love nothing than to style watch. It gives you a much-needed sense of what someone’s personality is like, and you get to see some trendy impressive outfits. 

For myself, every year I transition my wardrobe. And indulge in sipping a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and try on every jumper, cardigan, and fabulous scene stealing coat, I can get my hands on and the many boots in anticipation, for the many ways I will be wearing them all this season. 

9 Trends That Are Worth The Investment For Fall 2022

The best thing about autumn, is the feel of the crisp air that seems to kiss your face as you seaml…

When it comes to deciding on where to travel this year, the choice is simple Dubai. It has become one of the most popular destinations to unwind, recharge, and just have a really good time. And when it comes to a holiday, I think most of us need one, me included. This wasn’t a hard decision and even though it was a new experience it didn’t stop me from absorbing the energy around me.

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When it comes to deciding on where to travel this year, the choice is simple Dubai. It has become o…