In today’s article, I want to do something a little bit different. I usually like to write about style posts, trends, beauty, and even lifestyle articles. But today, I would like to talk about some recent things that have happened to me. That I find are completely disgusting and vial. Number one, I had this guy who runs a lifestyle/travel site. He even has fashion posts and more. What he did was inexcusable, he took one of my Spring articles, and he completely copied it from head to toe. He even used a similar title and so on. I have discussed this guy in one of my Instagram posts. I even brought the situation up in some Instagram Reels. He was not doing something similar, not interpreting an idea or anything like that. He was coping me which goes under plagiarism.

What makes me so angry about this situation is, it has happened to me before. I also shared this in one of my reels about this girl I was contributing articles to her website. At first, everything seemed legit she was posting my articles with my name and giving me credit. After a while, she started to put her name on my work. I stopped contributing to her site and just had nothing to do with her. Now, she had other contributors at the time. Who knows if she did something similar to them like what was done to me. Funny thing is she contacted me awhile later and gave me these insincere complements about my work. Asking me if I would love to contribute to her other site again? I told her I wasn’t interested in working for someone who is unethical and steals people’s work and says it’s there’s. 
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I assumed that kind of behaviour wouldn’t happen again, but it did unfortunately. And this is the best part, besides this insecure creep of a guy who stole my article and title for his site. I had this so-called blogger who followed me and posted an outfit post. On her post she stole a title I had of articles I have written on my magazine website. She even wrote stuff that was a mirroring image of what I do. As outraged as I am, I know for a fact this kind of coping and stealing creators, influencers, and anyone else in this industry’s work is just wrong. And it is happening way to often for my comfort level. Now I know a trend might come out and as a blogger, YouTuber, writer, influencer, anyone gives their opinion or spin on the trend. The difference is they interpret it in a style they are well known for their “signature”, That is completely different from plagiarising someone’s hard work that they produce with their own ideas attached. What I have learned from this is when you ignore the situation or don’t speak up these losers, who can’t come up with their own original content win. Why? Because you don’t put a stop to all this from continuing.

By staying silent we are giving these rag bags permission to keep doing this to us and guess what, it isn’t ok from using the same title to copying word for word someone says in a video, or article post on a website. And if we don’t speak up this unethical behaviour just continues like a vicious cycle. I hope this article I have written here like an open-ended letter more less, has helped anyone who has experienced something similar and can inspire anyone out there maybe dealing with this, know that you are not alone, and we are all going to stand up and tell our stories with pride and bravery in knowing this kind of stuff is not alright.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my open letter and my honesty that I have kept since I started this website.

Written by Heather Noire (Instagram

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When Copying Is Not A Form Of Flattery

In today’s article, I want to do something a little bit different. I usually like to write about st…

White Jeans Street Style Trend 2023
Everyone has to identify with what makes a great seasonal essential. In this case, it is spring heading strictly closer to summer as we speak. And all the trends pop up faster than a fresh slice of toast, early in the morning from that sometimes-reliable toaster. I could sit here right now as I am typing this and tell you what the season means to me, but that just doesn’t work for me. There are times where we must put a pause on our busy schedules and try to reflect on what matters. I think most of us have this in common, where we just can’t stop not even for a second. 
White Jeans Classic 90s
Photo: White jeans Pinterest 

This may not sound remotely related to my article. And you may have lost complete interest as a result. But there is one thing, I have to say if you like white jeans or style tips then keep on reading you won’t be disappointed. When we think about white jeans the automatic scared face comes to mind. And all we can think of as women is how can we pull these jeans off especially when panic sets in.

In just eight seconds they can go from polished to filthy with a random stain. Or maybe not show you in the most flattering light. What is positive about these jeans is one thing, I absolutely don’t like them. Now, don’t like or hate can maybe sound like a strong word, but I just don’t. My reasons may entirely differ from someone else’s, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t honest. That is one thing I like to bring to the table, my true feelings on things. Whether it is trends, style, beauty, and lifestyle. That is what makes me happy in knowing I am helping anyone who can truly appreciate my advice. 

White Jeans Pop Sugar uk
Photo: White jeans popsugaruk

Going forward, white jeans is the trend here. And even though it is a touchy piece that not everyone is a super fan of. Let me tell you that even someone like me who is hesitant at wearing the jeans myself, can tell you it is possible to become a white jeans converter. In other words, even a non-white jeans wearer can pull this style off very easily. And it is as simple as putting on your favourite pair of shoes.

All you need is these 5 tips that will help anyone hesitant to wear white jeans and navigate into the chic haul of street style fame.

1) Get used to them- This is like a trial run to a location that you haven’t been to previously. Like if you are on a job interview and you go to the building ahead of time so you can sort of size it up and form your own opinion. This is the same case with white jeans. All you need to do is go to the store and try on 5 pairs. Take photos of yourself in the mirror. No this isn’t vanity; this is a trial run to see exactly how you look in these bold jeans that you are not used to wearing.

2) Start off casual- You don’t have to jump into white jeans like you are some stylish expert. All you need to do is wear them very casual at first. Pair them with a V-neck t-shirt and a classic pair of ballet flats. You don’t have to go all out, just get used to wearing them in a more everyday kind of setting.

3) Dress them up- It may seem intimidating, but once you are comfortable wearing white jeans, then the idea of dressing them up is going to be like riding a bike, or a cab if you live in the city. All you must do is think classically chic. What does this mean? Whatever you want it to mean. But if we are being honest, think of a classic and timeless look. It is simple yet effective. Go with black because it can really make a chic statement but still pair well with white jeans. A black blouse and classic pumps work so well together.

4) Check the fabric- You don’t have to be a scientist to make sure the fabric on your white jeans is made well for you. All you need to do is touch the fabric and if it is thick then you know it’s not only well made but sewen right. And you are getting quality for your price point. Make sure it doesn’t have any thinner material as that can be see-through and let’s be honest, no one wants that.

5) Off the rack or full price- It doesn’t matter where you buy your white jeans, all that matters is you don’t push away off the rack. You can find some excellent deals, whether it is in Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Neither is superior to the other and both carry some excellent white jeans. Also doing research of what you want in a jean makes a difference to the consumer. And it also helps you not only get the right jeans for you, but you can get a deal and what doesn’t love that?

No matter if you are a fan of white jeans by the time, I have finished typing this. Know that white jeans are a trend this season, and they are fun to consider adding in your everyday wardrobe and versatile if styled right. I have included a few pairs of white jeans that I think will help you get converted to a white jean’s lover.

How do you wear white jeans?

Written by Heather Noire  

*Some white jeans to shop below.



5 Tip's That Will Help Anyone Hesitant To Wear White Jeans

Everyone has to identify with what makes a great seasonal essential. In this case, it is spring hea…

Spring Trends 2023 Guide
When it comes to the ever-changing seasons, we always must be on our style game. The best way to do this, is simply see what trends are easy to work with in your individual wardrobe. This may seem not as straight forward but believe me when I tell you it is a lot easier than one might imagine. Take spring for instance, sure we are used to seeing floral madness, bold hues, and even an occasional white jean or trouser. But what sets this season apart more than ever, is how these trends specifically for spring, are being seen as so wearable that you could even transition them for other seasons. I have compiled a short guide for you, on how you can wear these 5 fashion trends for my spring into fashion segment. 

Maxi Skirts 

Sydne Style Floral Skirt
Photo: Sydne Style 

The first item is a maxi skirt. We have been seeing them pop up for the spring season and when paired with a classic button down, gives off a feminine twist on a traditional suit. The trick is to go for a bold colour or print for a fun and flirty statement.

  Red Suits 

Getty Images Red Suits
Photo: Getty Images 

This trend is one of my fav's for spring. Don't feel intimidated by the an all-red suit. Anyone can pull this style off and look sexy and stylish. It can however, come across as a hard colour to wear. So if you happen to feel this way, try mixing the red with neutral colours. This can play up the trend without making a full on commitment. The monochromatic red look, red suit style is all in.

   Sweater Polo 

Polo Shirt Men's Style 2023
Photo: The Manual 

This one tends to be for the boys. Think Ralph Lauren styled polo shirts. This short sleeve style has been taking the red carpet events lately by storm. Men have been swapping traditional suits for a more relaxed style. It can be a great alternative from wearing just a men's shirt button down. You can style it with a loafer or suit, and easily go from meetings in the office, to date night and look great. It is also a dressy way to wear short sleeves.

Ballet Flats 

WHOWHATWEAR Ballet Flats 2023
Photo: Getty Images Ballet Flats 

This classic shoe is all about comfort without sacrificing function. The ballet flat is perfect for this. They are easy to wear casual or dressy and it is important to lean towards your favourite things in your closet, like your fav pair of jeans paired with a t-shirt or biker jacket and a classic ballet flat being the finishing touch. You can also wear this flat with a lovely spring dress, button-down blouse and trousers.

                  Chunky Accessories 

Mollie King Splash News
Photo: Mollie King Splash News 

In my opinion, chunky accessories are fashion's best kept secret. They can turn a simple minimalistic outfit like this stunning white dress, and instantly elevate this outfit to street-style approved look. With a dress, you can cinch it in at the waist with a chunky belt and give the dress an entirely new shape and silhouette. You can even try some chunky earrings, necklaces and bracelets for a truly on trend look.

When it comes to the spring season, anything is possible to truly elevate your individual wardrobe. And I hope my spring fashion guide for 2023 has helped you navigate this fun season. You can try these styles out for yourself by shopping some unforgettable pieces that I mentioned in my guide below.

Written by Heather Noire  

Shop The 5 Fashion Spring Trends Below 

Spring Into Fashion: 5 Fashion Trends To Try For Spring 2023

When it comes to the ever-changing seasons, we always must be on our style game. The best way to d…

Bonheur Jewelry

If you don’t know who jewelry designer Bonheur Jewelry is, chances are you’ve seen their work on the likes of, Christy Turlington, Ellie Goulding, Dakota Johnsons, and many more. They are the designer jewelry who are committed to using sustainable materials and practices in everything they do; from the way they construct the jewelry to how they package and ship it. They want to make an easy for customers to shop eco-friendly without having to sacrifice style or quality. 

What is so great about find the best accessories to elevate any outfit to a whole new level, is how you can wear earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and instantly feel the story behind the designers reach. Bonheaur Jewelry’s designs are inspired by the fast-pacing world around us, and the stories of the women who wear them proudly. They use only the highest quality materials, sourced from around the world. Quality can be tough to find with brands today. And is another reason to take a chance on a brand that practices what they preach.

Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Bonheur Jewelry

Vintage meets modern, with a brand-new twist. Collections, like the muse, classic, and more take you to another time. Even so, the brands story is they are inspired by their grandmother’s jewelry collection, Bonheur Jewelry started with a mission to create timeless pieces that could be passed down for generations. And believe that jewelry should be way more than just an accessory; it should tell a story. 

The collections are so gorgeous. You can find a few pieces to give as gifts or buy something special for yourself. With the seasons changing and full spring in bloom, I highly recommend picking up a new accessory to wear with your best outfit. I have compiled a few pieces to shop below that I think would make the perfect accessory.

Written by Heather Noire

Emilia Pave Stud Earrings Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Emilia Pave Stud Earrings SHOP HERE 

 These stud earrings make for a glamorous look. And can be a true statement. 

Lucia Curve Ring Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Lucia Curve Ring Bonheur Jewelry SHOP HERE 

All part of the Champagne collection, this curve ring gives a unique take on a traditional and timeless look. 

Laurel Classic Gold Bangle Bracelet Bonheur
Photo: Laurel Classic Gold Bangle Bracelet Bonheur SHOP HERE 

If you are thinking of a classic piece that never goes out of style, a bangle is the best choice. It is gold and just gorgeous. 

Ambroise Three Strand Crystal Necklace Bonheur
Photo: Ambroise Three Strand Crystal Necklace SHOP HERE 

When it comes to the stacking method, this style for necklaces is defiantly in trend for spring. This Ambroise Three Strand Necklace comes in gold, silver, and rose gold to stack your must have accessories. 

Billie Link Chain Earrings Bonheur Jewelry
Photo: Billie Link Chain Earrings SHOP HERE 

The best accessory, that looks edgy and classy at the same time is chain link earrings. What is great about Bonheur is they offer these stunning earrings in both silver, gold, and rose gold. How stunning will your ears look. 

Which out of the 5 accessories from Bonheur Jewelry are your favourite? 

The 5 Best Accessories To Shop From Bonheur Jewelry

If you don’t know who jewelry designer Bonheur Jewelry is, chances are you’ve seen their work on t…

L-R: Proenza Schouler; Ferragamo; Alexander McQueen
L-R: Proenza Schouler; Ferragamo; Alexander McQueen

From sleek, ’90s minimalism to the return of power dressing and the rise of punk, these are just some of the looks you’ll be lusting over next season. Can’t wait? Get ahead with my guide on how to wear the FW23 fashion trends now…
From sleek, ’90s minimalism to the return of power dressing and the rise of punk, these are just some of the looks you’ll be lusting over next season. Can’t wait? Get ahead with my guide on how to wear the FW23 fashion trends now…

The Colour Of The Season: Red

Love is defiantly in the air for the FW23 shows. It is all about the scarlets, supercharged evening wear in seductive crimson shades and scrumptious teddy coats with cocoon-sleeve polo knits. At Bottega Veneta unveiled some silky dresses, and from Chloe, some cherry covered maxi-dresses for upcoming holidays, or take the look with you into the office with Acne Studios’ tailored crisp and sleek trousers. 
Power Dressing 2.0

Power Dressing 2.0

Tailoring has taken on a whole new remit in recent seasons. In our hybrid-working lives, we effortlessly weave precision-cut pants into our off-duty repertoire, dressing them down withtrainers and comfy knits. It was perhaps this pared-back approach to our working wardrobes that spurred designers’ nostalgia for the glory days of sharp suiting. Think Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello cited Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver in the iconic 1988 movie Working Girl. as inspirations behind his sleek tailoring, which riffed on ’80s excess with its exaggerated shoulders. Vaccarello also revisited the classic YSL tailleur jupe – sophisticated skirt suits crafted from menswear fabrics. It felt fresh and impactful styled with simple T-shirts and slingbacks. Following suit (so to speak) were Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. who sent out looks that will embolden purposeful strides across the office. Give your 9-to-5 style an overhaul now with a few of these work styled pieces.

90s Minimalims

90's Minimalism 

It is often the quietest look that makes the biggest impression and when it comes to it 90’s minimalism does just that. Think Kate Moss, or even Kate Spade’s Sam bag. Making a statement without trying so hard. Chloe has a heavenly double breasted supple leather coat, layered on top of great classic trousers and edgy boots. In a muted colour palette, this look is the absolute embodiment of effortless elegance. They defiantly aren’t crazy colourful clothes for Instagram, but they stay timeless and true. 


Leather Everything 

There is one material to take note of this season, luxe leather dominated across all four fashion capitals. At Loewe, creative director Jonathan Anderson told of “classicism meeting something which is new”, as he leaned into the house’s fine-leather heritage to give sleek separates an elevated finish. At Alexander McQueen, meanwhile, evening dresses take on a cooler feel in this supple, tactile fabric. Embrace the look now withHelmut Lang’s butter soft leather trench coat. Or faux leather wide leg pants to wear with your classic cashmere jumper. 
Burberry Punk


Burberry’s debut was undoubtedly the most hotly anticipated moment of London Fashion Week. The British designer, who is lauded for reinventing Bottega Veneta between 2018 and 2021, was announced as Riccardo Tisci’s successor last September. At Burberry, reinvention came with a side of rebellion, as Lee tapped into the grunge look that’s been bubbling up. In his deft hands, English roses come in a subversive blue hue across slogan T-shirts, styled with low-slung pants and a punkish spirt.

Written by Heather Noire 

Shop the style's below. 

The Key Trends From FW23'S-And How To Wear Them Now

L-R:  Proenza Schouler; Ferragamo; Alexander McQueen From sleek, ’90s minimalism to the return of p…

Directed by: Charlotte Wales

The best makeup organizer will do wonders for even the most extensive cosmetic collections. As much as I try to live a minimalist life, I always find my bathroom shelves and cabinets looking more like a mini-Sephora after an earthquake rather than the clutter-free, pristine powder room I aspire to have. I’ve pondered getting rid of everything, but for some reason, I feel the need to have an assemblage of highlighters, lipsticks, and brushes always. And this can make for too much of a good thing. I think we are all guilty for this in one way or another. So, to keep my assortment of cosmetics neat and tidy, I highly rely on a beauty organiser. 

Searching for the best makeup organizers, you’ll find there’s really something for everything. From acrylic tubes designed to help makeup brushes stand upright on display to woven canisters that add warmth to my bathroom. I’ve even discovered beautiful leather pouches and toiletry bags. Honourable mention must go to a croc hard case because it not only keeps everything in place, but it is very visually appealing as well. 

 If I can remember, when I was growing up, I had a sliver muted beauty organiser on my shelf. But I didn’t just use it for beauty products, I found it useful to store things I found myself possibly losing if I wasn’t careful. I think the fact you can use an organiser for a variety of uses, makes it something to purchase and invest in caring for your products. And the many colours and styles is what makes buying one more fun. I even remember receiving a free one as a gift with a fragrance purchase before. 


All these and more ideas to tidy up and declutter your bathroom cabinets and drawers, below. Shop the posts for a gorgeous beauty organiser. 

   Sorbus Rotating Makeup Organiser 

      If you want an easy swivel this organiser is it. SHOP HERE 

Sorbus Rotating Makeup Organiser

Poke A Dot Organiser With Individual Case Compartments 

The organiser comes with eight partitions that can be placed vertically, horizontally and even diagonally so you can create the best and perfect fit for your needs. The classic black pigment blends flawlessly with any bag, luggage, or home d├ęcor. SHOP HERE 

POKE A DOT ORGANIZER with Individual Storage Case Compartments for Makeup

Hunter Toiletry Bag 

The smallest Hunter might surprise you. This makeup bag can hold a variety of toiletries and is great for travel and on the go. SHOP HERE 

Hunter Toiletry Bag

iDesign BPA-Free Plastic Divided Makeup Organiser 

The iDesign Clarity Plastic Divided Makeup Cosmetic Organiser features nine divided sections that provide storage for a variety of makeup palettes and other cosmetic items. And it can be used for other items as well. SHOP HERE 

iDesign BPA-Free Plastic Divided Makeup Palette Cosmetic Organizer

Mobilevision Bamboo Makeup Organiser Complete Combo 

MobileVision Bamboo 5 Section Brush Holder, 4 Compartment Cosmetic Caddy Organizer and popular selling Bamboo Drawer.

Neatly store all things make up with this complete Bamboo Makeup Organizer combo set. Daily make up, lipsticks, nail polish, brushes, and all your beauty secrets have a home with this complete set. SHOP HERE

MobileVision Bamboo 5 Section Brush Holder, 4 Compartment Cosmetic Caddy Organizer

Smythson Panama Textured-Leather Cosmetic Case

While taking cues from '50s styles, Smythson's cosmetics case feels so timeless. It's made from the house's heritage 'Panama' textured-leather, which is lightweight but resilient, and comes fully lined in cotton. SHOP HERE 

Panama textured-leather cosmetic case

Gucci Ophidia Cosmetic Case 

A zip around cosmetic bag with a top handle is presented within the Ophidia collection for Pre-Fall 2020. First developed by Gucci in the 1950s, the Web stripe continues to pay homage to the House's roots and equestrian influences, inspired by the strap that secured the saddle to the horse. And it is a luxurious way to keep all your makeup together. SHOP HERE 

Gucci Ophidia Cosmetic Case

Which makeup organiser is your favourite? 

Written by Heather Noire 

The Best Makeup Organisers To Declutter And Simplify Your Beauty Regimen

The best makeup organizer will do wonders for even the most extensive cosmetic collections. As mu…