26 December 2018

The Return of Femininity & Glamour

She was always ahead of her time. Never settled for less and always kept her head held high. Even when she was told, you can’t do this. How will you make it anywhere? All the obstacles that seemed to hit her like a pile of bricks, never stopped her from fighting for what she believed in. Don’t stand down, she continued to tell herself and keep doing what matters most. The positive and honesty is what drove her to go after her dreams and make them a reality. This is the iconic legend of femininity and glamour. Trends come up constantly, whether it is snake skin making way to be the new it animal print. Or burnt orange slowly trying to find room in our crowded wardrobe. 
Photo: Flapper Style Getty Images 
One thing will always be in fashion and never disappear, is the return of femininity. With masculine pieces slowly disappearing it seems women are starting to come to the realization that you can be strong, wise, smart, and still be a woman. You don’t have to put on trousers and skip those shiny high heels. Or stop fluffing your hair because a handsome man smiles at you. Yes, we can still be ladies and not compromise our genders with the way we dress or even behave. Even with the turn of the century, and so many things going on in the world we can still maintain to our highest standards that women can be legendary. 
Photo: 1920's Style Getty Images
So, stop covering up and feeling like you can’t express yourself. Why do we do this? I ask myself this question often when I hear others say it. Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves? We can feel free to say what we believe in without feeling there is consequences. Of course, it depends on how we say things so people don’t get offended right? Wrong, say it like you mean it and don’t hold back. This goes similar with what we wear as women. Always stick to what you are attracted to and don’t feel the need to change who you are for anyone. 
Photo: Getty Images Sequins 
It is always fun to experiment with fashion. Breaking the rules can be appealing to me. When you showcase your personality through what you wear. The right accessories can make an outfit, but the right dress can create that moment. 

Whether you are heading to an event, just needing a new outfit for date night or wanting to attempt to rock sequins during the day. I have rounded up a few of my favourite fall glamour pieces to get you ready tonight. 

Va Room nature. There is nothing more sexy then showing off your back. It is classy and can really be fabulous. This dress can take you from a dressy lunch to a ravishing date night with that special someone. Here 
If you love drama with a twist of lady like appeal, then this chic orange dress is perfect for your fall gala's. It is both casual and dressy. And for added accessories, try this with and without tights. HERE
The velvet touch. This fabric is so pretty and really can be that little beauty you can't stop wearing. Here 
A wine colour can be a nice alternative to burgundy. Since fall tones can always be switched. What is hot about this number is it shows off your features with a classic v-neck. HERE
If you are one of those people who hates dresses, then a silver jumpsuit is a great alternative. Not only is it versatile, but you can show up looking quite posh. HERE
You need a great bag to go with that dress. Why not get this beauty. It has class and style. HERE

Crocodile embossed seems to be very popular this year. And this clutch with rugged details will make your outfit complete. HERE
In the name of fashion, the higher the better. This is the same for a nice pair of hot heels. You can touch the sky in these trust me darling. HERE

 What feminine pieces are your favourite? 


15 December 2018

Caught Red-handed for Christmas

It goes without saying that there will always be a place in every woman’s wardrobe for a classic black handbag. That being said, when it comes to fall, girls start desiring to see something new and fresh. Throughout style month, we found that accessories are really a big thing. Not only can they make an outfit look even better, but transform your entire mood. It isn’t like an automatic boost lifter. But sometimes, we need something to really take us by surprise. A brand-new hue that just gets us out of our comfort zone and showcases more of a spectacular light.
Photo: Getty Images Red 
When it comes to a broad look we have been caught red-handed! Spotted on the arms of every stylish individual for the Christmas season, is red handbags. What is most adored about a red bag is that it adds a fun pop of colour to whatever you’re wearing, but it still feels as versatile as a “safer” neutral, like camel. I even saw a few people coordinating their red handbags with a pair of red shoes. I completely approve of this because it is not only super chic, but really adds something more to the overall look. 
Photo: Pinterest Red Hue
  Side note- a lot of people, tend to shy away when it comes to a lot of colour. It only makes sense since some feel it can wear them. Just so you know, not every tone does this. In fact, you can actually get excited about introducing colour this year. Why? Well it’s really simpler then you might think. 
Photo: Getty Images
When it comes to red we think about a vividness, pleasant feeling, and even a hue that highlights other tones perfectly. And there are different shades of red to play around with. Some come across like a burgundy tone, while others have a blue based tone. No matter which shade of red you prefer, know that anyone can pull this tone off perfectly just in time for that holiday party. 

With that, keep scrolling to see all the red bag inspiration you need, and shop a slew of red bags at the end! 

How will you be caught red-handed this year? 

Written by Heather Noire 


2 December 2018

The Top 5 Must Have Holiday Flats: For That Upcoming Christmas Party

Let’s face it, when December comes around good cheer is near and so is full blown party season. So, before you check off your holiday event list. You need those perfect sensational shoes to make your night that much more spectacular. 
Photo: Getty Images Holiday Shoes
Most people look around for the typical classic black pumps. Which are always a must, but honestly why not try something unconventional instead? You don’t have to find an artistic stylish shoe that looks like it belongs at Fashion Week. Instead, you can slip into something comfortable. 
Photo: Getty Images Holiday Shoes
Anyone with sensitive feet can relate to this. No matter how gorgeous those stilettos are we can’t help but admit many of them murder our poor feet. So how do we avoid the blisters, the soaking our feet and throbbing for weeks? By being ever so cosy in a pair of chic flats.
Photo: Pinterest Holiday Flats
I know when it comes to a Christmas party, there’s the unforgettable dress, adventurous accessories, and of course those shoes! But honestly, you can look like a hot shot in a pair of flats that cause your guests to turn their heads in envy. 
Photo: H&M Holiday Catologue 
It is logical to stay on your feet until the early hours, dancing to your favourite holiday song that you just can’t get out of your head. For this one time of year, you can feel good in those fabulous flats without limping to the next upcoming party. 
Photo: Pinterest-Prada Flats 
So, forget about those high heels altogether and start and end your night in a pair of comfortable flats instead. This season’s party flats are no less beautiful than those heels. 
Photo: Pinterest Holiday Shoes
On the top of my must-have shoe list are these beauties you have to add to your next outfit.

*Check out these unbelievable holiday flats below. 

Written by Heather Noire


15 November 2018

Cult Classic: The Dior Saddle Bag

Originally designed in 1999, the style made its debut on the Dior SS10 runway when John Galliano led the house. Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. "I thought this collection would be an opportunity to revive its timeless beauty," Grazia stated in a press release. "I consider this icon of the house's recent history the perfect accessory to deal with the battle that is daily life.”
Photo: Getty Images Dior Saddle Bag 
With over 15 versions (the familiar Diorissimo logo print, fringe beading in colourful patterns, and a patchwork denim bag. You can get this bag in any kind of material. The versatility is truly endless because it can be casual and dressy.
Photo: Dior Saddle Bag Getty Images
Everything old is new again, and that includes the Dior Saddle bag, which it was reintroduced by Instagram lovers alike sporting their bags in all their glory. And taking note from these designs is the explosion of this style. It seems this classic bag has become cult status and making preloved shoppers very excited. The mass market for this Dior bag is outshining its Lady Dior counterpart. Just like the Fendi Zucca print coming back with a splash, the saddle bag is making people nostalgic for the early 2000’s.  
Photo: Getty Images Dior Saddle Bag
Not everything in that era was amazing but this bag is proving that good things sometimes can be old school with a twist. 
The Saddle bag, one of the French fashion house’s most celebrated pieces, is identifiable for its saddle-like design and signature C and D-shaped gold clasps. The ‘It’ bag of the early 2000s has been brought back for AW18 with a number of different models that pay homage to the original aesthetic while offering a few sartorial changes. 
Photo: Street Style Dior Saddle Bag
This season, the Saddle bag now comes with a large embroidered strap, in line with the house’s 1970s-inspired collection. Traditional colourways sit side by side with more bohemian bags, including all-over embroidered bags with beads and fringes, and patchwork embroidered with beads. 
And Chiuri says it best:
"I thought this collection would be an opportunity to revive its timeless beauty," said the designer in a press release. "I consider this icon of the house's recent history the perfect accessory. Indeed, the saddle bag is a bag that is worn in exactly the same way as a shirt or jacket, and it's so comfortable to wear with its long strap that you almost forget it's there. The saddle bag is also practical because it allows you to carry everything you need with you. It's for this reason that I wanted it larger and more robust, but also very colourful, embroidered or with beaded fringe because, like a chameleon, it adapts to all situations." 
 Take a look at some of the highlights from the Dior handbag collection here.

What do you think of this cult classic? 


5 November 2018

ARMANI / PRIVÉ Rose Alexandrie Review

When you think of walking into a boutique, you probably think of the latest new styles hanging in the shop window. You might even be surprised to see some early Christmas decorations trying to creep up and show off in all its glory. Nothing wrong with this since it is November, which means December is just around the corner. I have particularly been checking out some new items for my winter wardrobe but one in particular that has caught my attention lately is a must have accessory. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrances 
No, it isn’t another handbag. Of course, if anyone knows me well. Then I am sort of a handbag addict. They are so pretty though, and now with fall and winter would be amazing with layers. Ok, now stay on topic here. I fell in love with Armani’s new fragrances. The brand as a whole is so legendary with sleek designs and an Italian state of mind, that I had to get my hand on one of their fragrances. When you are heading out for an evening out, you have on the most incredible outfit in the world. Your hair looks lovely and those shoes are fire. What is left to add? A signature scent to really make your entire night. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrances 
If you truly wish for a scented experience you can’t go wrong with The Armani Prive Rose Alexandrie exotic single note scents, that inspired different materials like semi-precious stones and fabrics and contain amongst other things; jasmine, bergamot and leather notes. When crafting this scent, he wanted to recreate his childhood and the smell of smoky incense against the damp cool stone walls of the Italian churches he often visited.
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 
At first smell this fragranced water was inspired by the subtle intermingling of fountain waters and the scent of roses from a garden. It has a really pleasant smell and is not overpowering like some with massive amounts of alcohol. It feels rather light when it is on the palate and I found it to be truly elegant. With one particular sniff, you can tell this can be worn for any occasion especially for a cocktail hour. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 
I love the shape of the bottle. It is not only classy but has a very elegant approach to simplicity. 
Photo: Armani Prive Fragrance 

This is a very sweet fragrance that enters a high territory, then slowly morphs into a well-made masterpiece.  

Have you ever tried this fragrance before? 


31 October 2018

5 Ways To Rock Mustard This Fall

While looking at all of the amazing Fall/Winter collections, I noticed an array of pretty shades that stood out in my mind. Tones like green and orange took centre stage. But with each bold hue creeping up, one unexpected colour popped up rapidly and for good reason: mustard yellow. 

This versatile shade has made its way onto the runways of major chic designers like Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Moschino. Not only that, but I’ve seen this colour appear on some major street style looks, that make us desire to try this colour out for ourselves. If you are the type of person who sees a stylish tone and decides not to venture in don’t worry. Some colours can often terrify those who always stick to black or darker tones.
Photo: Getty Images Fall Mustard 
When it comes to the new season, it only makes sense to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Summer, we noticed bright and almost candy colours sweeping the scene. It was fun and rather angelic. But for the cooler temperatures instead of the usual darks, why not add a dash of colour. 
Photo: Getty Images Mustard To The Office 
It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic like going all out wearing a head-to-toe look, which I have seen some fashionistas do this and pull it off quite well. You can do something a little less scary and add a small amount each time. For example, if you tend to wear grey a lot then slip a mustard cardigan, or coat over your darker hue. This colour not only complements mustard it makes for a fun casual look. 
Photo: Mustard Accessories 
You may be searching in your wardrobe for something other than a coat since you have plenty of those. When it comes to this year, play around and use your creative imagination. By mixing what you already own to create a totally new look. You don’t always have to shop for new clothes for fall when you have all the inspiration you could ever hope for so close to home. 
Photo: Getty Images Street Style Mustard 
If you own anything red then you can mix and match with mustard. It is such a fun colour to play around with and can be casual or dressy instantly. The best part is you can create an entire outfit through this one hot tone. Try some accessories, and don’t miss out on some gorgeous mustard pieces just waiting for you to take them home. 
Photo: Getty Images Street Style Mustard 
What do you think of these mustard accessories?
Chanel Lambskin Jumbo Mustard Orange Tote Here 
Mustard Yellow Crop Off Shoulder Jumper Here 

Pepita Belen Mule Here
Mustard Yellow Coat Here
Dawn Mustard Silk Wrap Dress Here 


28 September 2018

Is DIY Couture Blooming For Fall

The term “haute couture” is French. Haute means “high” or “elegant.” Couture literally means “sewing,” but has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, high fashion women’s clothes. New trends are popping up all over the place for the new season. And it seems like during FW Couture is the talk of the town. For good reason, when it comes to the performance of the show it is the unusual and exaggerated fabrics like, lace, embroidered, and tweed that make us desire a piece in our own closets. It may sound insane, but many people are taking to DIY practices to get a piece of glamour couture looks for themselves. 
Photo: Getty Images Couture  
You don’t have to be a talented seamstress or designer in the making to master this craft. Some simple DIY’s can make all the difference like buying a skirt on sale and taking it home to add some feathers for that chic flappers look with a modern flare. If you really are one of those people that feel as if you don’t have a creative bone in your body don’t worry. You can still get that elegant feel by getting someone to create this masterpiece for you. 
Photo: Feather Dress Getty Images
Despite the market of couture costing so high. It is no longer just available for people of wealthier bank accounts. A lot of retro things are coming back and it is kind of a fun idea to try something unusual. Besides at the glorious and breath-taking catwalks, the real action of couture is in the streets. Street style wear is becoming more exaggerated in a performance way. Not everyone is a fan, but on a personal note…I think the pieces are kind of charming. You can get inspired by adding fabrics to maybe a plain pair of shoes to really bring out the look without going overboard. This way it comes across like you can actually wear it outside and not just for special occasions. 
Photo: Street Style Fall WWB
Day to night looks are essential and it is kind of fun to put on an outfit that looks like you bought it right of the Dior runway.
Photo: SG
What better way to start Fall off right? With a custom couture piece that will make you stand way out of the crowd and everyone will envy you. 

What fabric would you use for a couture look?




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