3 December 2019

4 Ways Tasteful Lingerie Is Blowing Up The Holiday Season

Fall and winter fashion don’t always mean heritage plaids and chunky jumpers. In fact, this season, designers are providing those whimsical fashion trends that are the future, and tasteful lingerie is literally blowing up all of social media with a bang! When I say, “tasteful lingerie,” I mean it-metallic, feathers, stretchy materials with added comfort for everybody shape, that you have ever seen. With fashion changing at the blink of an eye, it helps to see what is going on in the social media scene. 

Photo: Getty Images Victoria Secret Fashion 
The biggest blow up is how tasteful lingerie has become rather classily sexy when worn right. Think of the early 1990s, you don’t have to be born in that decade to appreciate vintage styles reappearing on our backs. It is fashions way of saying I am an oldie but goodie and I happen to be making an appearance this season. 

When it comes to lingerie, which trends are worth paying close attention to and which ones are worth ignoring right now? As it turns out, I can help you narrow down the important holiday lingerie trends down to just four styles that are worth investing in, according to me an advocate chic insider. 

Just because you see it blowing up online doesn’t necessarily mean it is good to buy it. One thing is for sure, don’t ever get sucked into a style because you see it everywhere. Make sure it is something that not only fits your lifestyle, but is worth the splurge. 

From the revival of the slip dress to the rise of the corsets to the trends of wearing bras as tops, there are plenty of hot pieces to add to your wardrobe at the moment and different innovative ways to wear them. Ahead, check out the four lingerie trends that will be huge over the holidays this year, and are already blowing up the social scene. Shop my edit of pieces to add to your closet. 

Wearing Bras as Tops
Photo: Getty Images 
Whether you are all for this look or not, think Madonna in the early 80s and 90s. You can’t deny how sexy this style can look and how surprisingly versatile as well. You can wear a bra as a top with a jacket or under a see-through blouse for a more tasteful approach. 

Show Stopping Lingerie 
Photo: Getty Images 1990s
More people are not just buying plain lingerie anymore. Pieces that have added extras, like lace, metallic, or crystals are definitely sought after for those oh so special occasions.

Slips as dresses
Photo: Getty Images Slip Dresses
Think early 1995, when slip silky dresses were the perfect going out dress after work. Well now, slips are being worn as dresses and done in such a fun way. After work, those cocktails are flowing and the silky material adds some zest to your look.  

Comfort Fashion
SKIMS Lingerie
Photo: SKIMS Website 
A lot of people like comfort. And when it comes to lingerie, many brands are making materials easier to wear while still having that stylish edge. Sustainable materials are really huge and why not feel comfy while looking your most devastating.

What is your favourite tasteful lingerie trend for the holiday season? 

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal! 

Written by Heather Noire     

26 October 2019

5 Staple Pieces For Fall

As many designer’s place sustainability at the forefront of their practice, there’s been an overwhelming return of simplicity. While I’m not talking about a blackout on all things fanciful and decorative, What I have noticed is a return to some staples emerging across New York, London, Paris, and Milan. As the message of “buy less; buy better” gets repeated across the board.
Photo: Getty Images 
The one thing I’m most excited to see is people’s take in the city of what simplistic staples mean in their closet. With fall being the most fun time of year, it is no wonder we are heading out with our winter coats and lattes in hand. Ready to take on fall? You bet we are and it is best to do it in the best style staples possible. Personally, I love fall. The cooler weather, the new styles arriving in stores, and of course the too cool for school attitude that echoes across the city. 
Photo: Street Style 
Hardly a stranger to the catwalk, can ignore pieces that will be forever mounted in your mindful wardrobe in your head. That so chic piece that you just can’t take your eyes off as each model struts down the runway with ease. Designers are always trying to reinvent a classic. Or take on a new light but honestly, it is better when it can fit into your life and be functional while still maintaining style. 

If your like me, and your wanting to get more wear out of your wardrobe, the best place to start is my guide to the 5 Staple Pieces you need to look your best for fall. 

1.)       Faux Fur Coat

Doesn’t matter your personal style. A faux fur winter coat is not only a classic in itself, but it can really take your outfit from basic too hot in seconds. There is something glamour’s and mysterious about a fur coat that has our tongues wagging strong. 

2.)       Blazer

I feel a blazer is a classic staple for any season. But when it comes to fall and winter, you can throw this over a jumper and call it a day. Not only will you look sophisticated and sleek but you can get so much use from work day to night life. 

3.)       Puffer Jacket

You may not feel a big puffy jacket is feminine, but that is where you are wrong. When dressed right with the proper boots and jeans you can look like a French style editor in minutes. I love how casual this jacket can be, yet you can also look very dressy and beautiful. 

4.)       Shoulder Bag

A bag is the perfect accessory to really complete your whole look. Without the chicest bag than you end up looking incomplete. For this season, it just makes sense to feel put together and this does the job. 

5.)       Boots

You can always rock boots. With a skirt, dress, leggings, jeans. But when it comes to fall boots are the best way to keep your feet toasty warm while you have a good time in the style scene. 

Below are more staple pieces for fall you can shop. 

What is your favourite staple for fall?

Written by Heather Noire     


11 September 2019

5 Things You Need To Know About FASHOM

Have you ever heard of a virtual catwalk? How about online pieces to love for this fall season? Well that’s definitely the case when it comes to how impactful technology is on how we shop. Not only are companies coming up with new ways to wow consumers, but there making the process a fun and exciting experience. I don’t know about you but I really love browsing on social media for inspirational outfits. I am especially drawn to some unique colours and patterns, that you can mix and match to be cohesive into your wardrobe. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a virtual stylist at your fingertips? 
That’s exactly what I got when FASHOM contacted me to send me some gorgeous pieces that were hand-picked by my own personal virtual stylist. The whole process is really cool and fundamentally super easy to do. Which makes technology and fashion that much more tres chic. 

Here is 5 Things you need to know about FASHOM.

1. It’s really easy to get started 

Some of those virtual companies are complicated and cause unnecessary headaches just to get started. With FASHOM, all you do is fill out your fashion profile & submit a style request. Tell them about your style, size preference, then submit your request. You will hear back from them in 2-3 days. 

2. Review your selected items & pick what ships

You have full on control of what gets shipped to you. Your awesome virtual stylist will send you items to review. You pick 5 items to be shipped to your doorstep. Best part? You get free shipping. 

3. Keep what you love and send back the rest

Try on your hand-selected items & keep what you adore. They will send you a prepaid envelop for easy returns. 

4. FASHOM supports non-profit charities 

For every box sold, they donate $1 to Second Chance Rescue NYC. This is initiative for them, and as 100 percent cruelty-free start up, there’s no better way to give back. 

5. You will love the process

When you get the conformation that your stylish box is on its way, it will feel like Christmas has come early in the mail, by receiving gifts for yourself. And who doesn’t love being good to yourself? 

I absolutely love the 5 pieces that were selected for me. You can wear them casually or dress them up for many occasions. 

I love the versatility and the ability to work them into my chic wardrobe with ease.

 Best part is I can wear them all season long. 

What do you think of a virtual stylist with FASHOM? 

Written by Heather Noire     


7 September 2019

Give The Gift Of Romance: With Pearl Necklaces & Infinity Jewellery

You’ve probably said it before, too. “I’m not a fan of certain trends here.” It is an easy explanation for not being totally on board, and that is typically an excuse for any kind of jewellery that I am just not head over heels over. In this case, I am making an exception when it comes to romance. Pearl necklaces are absolutely breath-taking. The simplicity and elegance is what draws us in and makes us fall passionately. 
Simple Pearl Necklace

This is also the case when it comes to infinity jewellery that makes you just feel oh so complete. Something that is worth its weight in gold, silver, and anything that sparkles. 

Icons like Grace Kelly have their stamp of approval with beautiful, classic proper taste. But when it comes to today’s fashion, things have truly changed. And thanks to what I have been spotting on social media, and across New York City Fashion Week, I find myself obsessed with these hot and spicy accessories. Let me explain exactly why these pieces are unique. 
Simple Pearl Necklace

Specifically, I’m referring to a huge up rise in the popularity of baroque styles-a more unusual shape that feels modern and timeless at the same time. The range and approach is very cool and what makes this even more bold, is the attention to influencing culture within the shapes and glamour.
Infinity Heart Ring

When it comes to special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, or just one of those days where you want to buy yourself something special. The gift of romance through a gleaming pearl necklace is the ideal choice. It not only goes with everything. But you can wear it casually and dress it up for a polished appearance. I love how well made these accessories are and how I can picture any woman with one. The diversity of these items is what makes it truly one of a kind. 
Photo: AUrate New York Infinity Heart Ring 
Below are some examples of how amazing this jewellery is and how you can also feel classy and elegant. 

What do you think of this range of jewellery? And what pieces would you wear this season? 

 *This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal! 

Written by Heather Noire        

24 August 2019

The Daily Hunt For The Perfect Boots

If you take pleasure in putting together the perfect look but always feel indecisive about what else to add, it might be that you’re just having a fashion block to finish off your style. 

This can happen to the most stylish savvy person so don’t feel like you’re the only one out there. That is why saving fashion 101 comes to the rescue to get your street chic ready for the kill. One thing every woman can appreciate is we love accessories. It just seems to make an outfit and gets people talking. What is the most iconic accessory? Shoes of course. 
Photo: Street Style Getty Images Boots
They are the perfect pairing to just exuberate sex appeal while still staying true to your own individuality. And expressing your own style is something everyone welcomes to see quite often. 
When it comes to the seasons changing, we are all on the hunt for those perfect boots. Not only can you wear them casual, dressy, in many forms. Boots can be so fun to experiment with and add some edge to your entire look. 
Photo: Street Style Boots Pinterest 
What I love most about hunting for boots, is that you can be looking for one style and end up getting something you would never even think of wearing. The element of surprise when it comes to shopping for shoes is definitely a fun element this season. I personally, love boots. You can wear them so often that they really almost become a massive investment piece. 
Photo: Street Style Pinterest Boots
I have gathered some stylish boots from Lulus that will definitely become a favourite. Shop the links below and get a discount at the checkout. 

Written by Heather Noire 

The tall black suede boot is the perfect add of sex appeal. It can be worn casual, then turn around and dress it up for a night out. 
Lulus Suede Boots SHOP

 For a nice casual style, with some rock and roll edge. A pair of leopard print ankle boots are the perfect accessory. 

Lulus Leopard Print Boots SHOP

For the perfect office look a pair of nude ankle boots adds the perfect sense of femininity and boss lady style.

Lulus Nude Boots SHOP

Lulus Ankle Boots SHOP

Ankle Boots With Rhinestone SHOP


1 August 2019

Transitioning From Summer To Fall: With The Little Denim Jacket

Do you have that itch to go fall shopping yet? With the temperatures fluctuating it is only a matter of time before we bust out or must have coat, boots, or even or black tights we just can’t get enough of. But when it comes to it being near the end of summer, there are changing trends we are loving lately. Instead of going out and buying a new winter garment. Why not take a summer staple you already might own and rock it for fall? 
Photo: Denim Jacket Street Style Pinterest 
There is one closet staple that I wouldn’t call a trend but more like an evergreen piece that has proven to be a forever fashion find: a denim jacket. That should actually come as no surprise considering the timeless, enduring nature of denim in general. Sure, certain jean cuts might be more one season and fade the next, but overall, jean jackets are a wardrobe classic. 
Photo: Denim Jackets Street Style Pinterest 
Take it back to the 80’s and 90’s we remember seeing the famous Levis and their amazing rick, structured, and incredible good quality denim. It was something everyone wanted to own. And most people spent their good money on this luxury. Fast forward to today, and the quality of some denim isn’t what we were born to love. It is really why some people have decided to go thrift shopping for some of those classic denim pieces. And that can actually be a lot of fun. But a classic jean jacket really makes a statement. Whether you bought it vintage or totally brand new for your best outfit looks. 
Photo: Denim Jackets Street Style 
Every so often, though, you might feel like you’ve outworn said fashion piece, and that’s when I come into play. I do my best to spotlight fresh, fun combos that aren’t all too difficult to re-create with the hopes of inspiring your next outfit or two. This time around I found some denim jacket inspirations that you can not only wear all year round, whether you live in New York, LA, Europe, U.K, you can transition this jacket into your fall wardrobe right now. Read on to see the hot outfits and shop my favourite denim jackets on the market right now. 
A light wash denim jacket pairs so well with your city essentials. This makes for a perfect casual to chic look. 

Lulus Light Wash Denim Jacket SHOP

Give yourself some grudge inspiration with a raw hem denim jacket. It can be rocked casual for that hot look.
Lulus Traffic Jam Raw Hem Denim Jacket SHOP

The best way to add a little edge to your style is by throwing a jean jacket over it.

Lulus Free People Rumors Denim Jacket SHOP

Nothing is sleeker and sexier than throwing an embroiled denim jacket over a feminine dress. 

Lulus embroidered denim jacket SHOP

You can mix different colour denims. To not only look polished but add a bit of a laid back flavour. 
Levi's Ex-boyfriend Sport Denim Jacket SHOP

What do you think of the little denim jacket?

Written by Heather Noire 



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